EP 32 How to Level Up in Every Area of Your Life- Wisdom of an 11 Year Old Boy- Gain More Balance in Your Relationships Finances Career Physical Health Self-Care


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EP 32 How to Level Up in Every Area of Your Life- Wisdom of an 11 Year Old Boy- Gain More Balance in Your Relationships, Parenting, Marriage, Finances, Career, Physical Health, Mental & Emotional Wellness, Personal & Self-Care

Oh my goodness. The wisdom of an 11 year old. So what he talked about was leveling up and making the best of every situation, making the best when it's raining or when you don't get what you expected. So in turning that around to something good. So today's episode, we're going to talk about how you can level up in your life.

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Hey guys, welcome back to this episode of Wholly Made Life™. And today I'm going to give you a little treat. It is a conversation that I actually caught on recording. When we were sitting, waiting for my grandmother to come out of the beauty shop. And I had my 11 year old Bryson with me in the car, and it was a conversation that we were having. So I have this app on my phone that I just press record. And I've been trying to do that more often where, you know, we're having a really good conversation and it's something that I want to remember. So anyway, here is his conversation

Are tying the bad things into the good days. Like if it starts raining, we're all sad and tired, but go outside and go catch yourself somewhere. What's good about cash and worms, you know, you can catch early Elisa. It's going to just see how big of the ones you can get. And if you, if he fish like me and my dad and the males, that was the con we catch also, cause we don't gotta pay for no more go catch them. And it's like, it's like hunting. I set up traps in the yard. I just put bricks down and I flip them over and then there's worms there. Wait a minute. So that's why all my concrete payors are out of order. Yeah. Okay. I was wondering who was moving those. Okay. Proceed. And yeah, if it's raining, you'll get yourself somewhere.

So what you're saying is be happy about the rain. Yeah. Be happy about the storms. Yeah. Okay. What else were you saying? Well, I didn't make a sub. I got this from a YouTuber that I watch a lot. He fidget fishes and he says level up in real life eat. Like he says level up level up in real life and said just playing game, he level ups, characters, but level of, and try new things a lot. Like I'm trying fishing and camping yourself, which is a leveling up of her life leveling up and like cook and stuff. Yeah. Learn how to cook stuff, which is leveling up in her life. So, so basically instead of lovely, like what is it earning levels in the video game he's talking about and they'll go earn your levels in real life. Yeah. Okay.

I love it. What else? If it's hot weather go play with the water holes or go to your pool or I don't carry and water. If it's, if it's warm outside in springtime and you there's all the trees and flowers, booming, blooming, go pink, go take pictures of wills. Yeah. What's your favorite in the spring? You said that the other day, you think spring's your favorite season? Why? And what's your favorite about it? Well, it just came one of my favorites now because as I got into things in spring times of this time to go fishing and I like seeing all the flowers and the trees and stuff. Oh yeah. It's a sign of new life. New beginnings. Yeah. It was just like yesterday. There's snow storms, which is, can turn into good too. You can go sledding. Yeah. even that I was doing workouts or guilt side, I was collecting wood and I storm your, yeah, it wasn't collecting worms yet though. Cause it was one one's here. You know, you can't find worms in the winter I guess, but you could find good tart, but and yeah.

Oh my goodness. The wisdom of an 11 year old. So what he talked about was leveling up and making the best of every situation, making the best when it's raining or when you don't get what you expected. So in turning that around to something good. So today's episode, we're going to talk about how you can level up in your life. Let's go,

Hey mama, welcome to Wholly Made Life™ where I believe that you are not created to do just one thing in your life. Well, you are not just your job, your title or your salary. You're not just a mom or a white versus sister. You are fearfully and wonderfully made to lead in all areas of your whole life. Your life is like a pie that's made up of different pieces that create a complete circle and girl, you deserve to enjoy the whole pie. Hi, I'm Angie Tonini-Rogers and mama. I know you are really good at what you do in your profession or business, but if you're ready to stop ignoring different pieces of your pie and reclaim your whole life, then you are in the right place. Girl, let's tap into the whole life. God has for you and experienced that God size fulfilled life together. We're going to walk through some boundaries, leadership mindset and restoration in different areas of your life that may need to change. It's going to be some tough work up in here, girl, but we're going to walk this thing out together, uncovering some bull courageous actions that we can take to experience, not just a good life, but your whole life. Are you ready to live your whole life? Holy made. Let's do it.

All right, guys, let's jump into the Wholly Made Life™ short assessment. We are going to level up today after we've really thought about each area of our life and where we think we fall in those areas and figure out how to start leveling up in each of those areas. Okay. All right. So this Holy made life assessment you can take online and what it will do is you'll take the assessment. It'll give you points for each of your answers. And then at the end, you'll have a total points. And then what you can do is plot that on the pie chart that I have available for you just to get a visual of where you are in each of those areas. And it will kind of give you a visual of the areas that are either much closer to being a hundred percent satisfied or a hundred percent comfortable in that area versus other areas that you feel like might need a change or might need some work.

So let's talk a little bit about this. This just gets your mind going and thinking about how you feel in each of these sections what's going on in each of these sections and then what you can do to start to balance out some of those sections and ultimately level up. All right. So let's talk first about the section of physical health, physical health, mental health, your overall wellness. Okay. So here are some options that I want you to think about and if it's you, you can jot down a which one it is. And I'll go through option one through five. Okay. Or actually let's do a through B. So it's not confusing once you get the numbers, because these are in no particular order and the assignments of numbers to each of these. I don't want you to get confused if you write down number one and think that that's a one.

Okay. So in your physical health, mental health, your wellness, your overall wellness this is the area that you're going to be thinking about. So option a, you feel pretty good about it. You feel pretty good about your physical and mental health. You feel content, you feel satisfied. You feel like your health is overall pretty good, but you know that there's some places that you could improve, either your physical or your mental or emotional health wellness often be it's not your priority. Or maybe you have some health issues going on that you are kind of ignoring or pushing to the side because you're too busy to deal with it. Option C sometimes you take care of your health. Sometimes you don't, you feel like your health is pretty fair, but you definitely know that there's a place that you could do. Some things to improve.

Option D would be that you're in great health. You really focus on your physical body and your wellness regularly. It's totally your jam. And then option E would be that, you know, that you should focus on your physical or mental health or your emotional wellness, but you really just don't make the time for it. So that is the physical section. Let's move to spiritual. So again, you're going to choose what's most like you, it's not going to be exactly in your words, but just the feeling behind it, the content behind it, just figuring out what, which one you kind of fall into. All right. Option a is going to be that you believe in something, but it's not really something that you focus on. As far as spirituality option B is you are kind of in a place where you're asking, what does spirituality even mean?

What is the spiritual area of my life even supposed to look like? And you feel kind of lost in this area. Option C is that you would definitely describe yourself as spiritual. You always feel like you're listening and you're looking for confirmation spiritually of what you is going on in your life. You feel inspired by the word and you feel like you take daily steps of faith, whether that's prayer or listening to a worship song or I'm meditating on the word or just, you know, throwing up thanks and praise. When you feel like something has given you some confirmations option D is that you feel very connected and you pray, you meditate on the word, you meditate on positive thoughts. You repeat those things to yourself. You read scripture, you read positive ideas or you listen to audio. You listen to podcasts that are spiritually focused and you feel very encouraged by that. And then option E is that you think, you know what you believe. But, or maybe you have heard stories from others that you know, that that has worked for them, but you feel like you personally need to see more growth and you need to see more of that manifesting in your own life.

All right,

Next section is going to be financial section. So think about your finances in this next section and figure out where you feel like you might fall option a would be that you're a hundred percent satisfied with what you make at work or what you're making in your business. You feel like you have enough and you don't really have to worry about those a hundred buck target runs or going out to dinner or, you know, spending money on vacation. You just feel like you are in a place where you have enough and you just don't have to worry about it. Option B is that you're feeling pretty comfortable, but you feel like you could be more knowledgeable about what's going on in your finances. But you feel like you're doing okay. All the bills are paid. You have extra, but you're not really thinking about futuristically when it comes to your finances, option C is that you don't really have time to think about this. You are kind of very neutral bills are paid, but there's not any extra option. D is that you are living

Paycheck to paycheck. Okay?

Sometimes you are having to Rob Peter to pay Paul. Okay. And then option E is that you have lots of debt. Maybe you run out of money at the end of the month, all the bills aren't always getting paid. You are constantly having to move stuff around. You lose sleep at night about how you're going to pay for this or that. Or if an emergency came up, you wouldn't know what or what or where you're going to get the money to pay for that. Okay. That would be optional. All right, let's move to professional. Option a is going to be that you have no idea, really what you want to do. You want to be you're in a place where you just don't really enjoy what you're doing and you feel like, or, and or you feel like you work way too much, or you don't work enough.

You don't get enough out of your professional option. B is going to be that you enjoy what you do, and you do find some meaning in it. You have a feeling of being connected. You have a good time at work. You enjoy your coworkers. You feel like you're on a great team. And you just feel like you make a difference when you're there. Option C is that you feel busy, but you don't really feel productive. And you don't really feel like you're making an impact. It definitely pays the bills, but you don't really love it. It's just, it's a way to get your bills paid. And you don't really feel like you're accomplishing anything now or maybe a future option D is that you're very, you're pretty content in what you do. You like it enough, but basically you could take it or leave it. And then the last option in this section of professional is that you really love what you do. It really lights you up. You feel alive, you feel very sick. You feel super accomplished at work. You feel really successful at work.

All right.

And then the next session is going to be, let's talk about relational, this, this section. So we're going to talk about you think about your marriage. Think about your relationship with your kids. Think about relationship with your friends, for this section. All right. Option a, is that you're completely satisfied with all your relationships. You have plenty of quality time with your husband in your marriage. You spend time on your marriage. Maybe you go to retreats with your husband. Maybe you go to marriage. What do they call conferences? You, you spend a lot of time on your marriage with, with your husband. You second thing is that you feel pretty satisfied with your kids. You feel like you have enough time with your kids and you get good quality time with them every day. Or, you know, at least throughout the week, you're doing maybe dates with their kids and things.

And then thinking about your girlfriends that you, you regularly are able to go out with your girlfriends, or maybe it's a church group or whatever the social is outside of your kids and your marriage. Whatever that is, you feel very satisfied with that. You never miss a date night. You always go to sports games with, you know, that your kids are a part of you never miss a chips and salsa or game night with the girls, a Bunco, whatever it is you're doing. Okay. Those are examples. All right. Option B is that you feel pretty comfortable in your relationships, but you feel like you could be more engaged with, you know, either your kids or your husband or your girlfriends. Maybe you feel like you are going through the day to day with your kids, but you're not really getting good quality one-on-one time with them.

Your relationships could feel a little bit better, but you still feel okay about things. And if one of those, whether it's your husband or your kids if one of those is true for either one of the kids or the husband, then you could pick this one. It doesn't have to be for all of your relationships, just, you know, whatever was most important to you. Alright, option C is that you don't really see your friends much. You definitely keep up on social though. And you would say that you don't really have time for a date night with your husband because you're too busy for your schedules. You don't really work out schedules together. It's maybe it's feels pretty much. Get up, go get dinner and get a bath in bed and that's it. And then the day starts over again tomorrow.

Okay. Maybe that's where you are. You would be in C option D you don't have time for get togethers with friends. You definitely don't have time for date nights. You don't really have alone time for intimacy. Things always feel pretty rushed with the kids. And basically when you think about your relationships, you really have kind of a hard time remembering when the last time is that you guys really laughed and had a great time together. And then the final option in this category, it would be that you have some gay nights. You have some other fun activity together as a family, at least a couple of times per month. You miss some nights with the girls, but you always are able to catch up on the phone when you do, maybe you feel pretty close with your husband most of the time, but, but there could be some more time to be just with each other.

Okay? You feel pretty good about having those one-on-one moments with your kids, but you feel like meth, there could be a little bit more time that you could devote to that. That would be relationships. All right? And then let's go to personal and self care. So this is anything to do with taking care of yourself, which might cross over into some of these other sections that we've already talked about. But let's think about specifically what you do for yourself. All right. Option a is that you're totally into self care. You definitely make time for yourself regularly, and you feel pretty refreshed after you're able to spend that time on yourself. You deserve it. So you go do it. And this could be going to the salon. It could be a massage. It could be a walk. It could be you know, grooming your dog.

If you'd like to do that, it could be washing your car. It could be a meditation. It could be exercise, whatever those things are that you feel like you take for you and only you, or option B is that you don't really feel like you have enough time for you. You don't have time for self care, however that's defined for you, but you do know what you would do if you had the time. So even though you don't have enough time, you do have things that you feel like go into that category of what self care is for you. And so you have options. You just don't have the time for it. All right. Option C is going to be what is self-care. So you don't really know either what self-care is, or you really just don't have a long list or even a very short list of what your self care items are.

You just can't really think of things that you like to do to take care of yourself. Some people like to go get a pedicure. Some people like to go do their nails. Like I said, some people like to go sit in the garden. Maybe you like working in the garden, but if you can't really think of what those things are, that really kind of lights you up, then this might be your option for this category. You've maybe you feel like you've kind of let yourself go and you definitely put your needs last after everybody else's. So sometimes that means that there's really not time for you at all. All right. Option D is that you spend a lot more time taking care of others and you are on the regular last. And in fact, you don't do anything for yourself because you spend so much time taking care of others. And then the final option for this category is going to be that you try to do something on your self care, at least a couple of times per month, but it just doesn't always work out. So you make an attempt or intent. You are intentful, or you are intentionally making an attempt to do some self-care to rejuvenate or refresh yourself, but it just doesn't always work out with your schedule.


So those are the questions like you will find on the Holy made life, short assessment. And so if you want to see what your score

Is, then make sure

That you go into the show notes and click the link to get your free assessment so that it pops up. You take the assessment, you get your score. And then what you can do is plot that on the pie chart that I also have available for you. So you can kind of shade that in. So you, where you are, if you're anything like me, you just need something visual to look at because a visual is what kind of helps you keep everything in mind. I just like to look at stuff. It just makes it easier than no one kind of comparing numbers in my head. I'm just, that's not me. Okay. So that is it guys. Now, if as we've gone through this, you felt like man, there's a lot of areas. I feel like I need to change in. And you just are feeling a little bit overwhelmed or stuck, or don't really know where to go.

Make sure that you email me at Angie, tonyRogers@gmail.com and grab a session. I am here to help you with that. That's what I'm coaching women with is helping them identify the places they feel that overwhelmed so that we can break it down and make it manageable. Sister. This is not, it's not something that has to be overwhelming. This is something that we can work on together so that you can start to feel like you can level up in your life, in every area of your life so that you can feel more balanced. You can feel more joy and just restore that hope and, and just feel that healing in every area of your life. Okay? You definitely deserve to feel whole in all areas of your life. And that's what we're here to do. We're walking this thing out together and I can't wait to hear from you. So one other thing, make sure you hop over to that Facebook group so that we can engage over there.

Okay? All right, ladies, have a great night and I will see you on the next day. Hey, before you go, I'd love for you to hop over to my podcast and give me a review. And you know, I'd love five stars. That's how we can share this thing with other women, just like us, your five stars and written review really helps me get the word out. You can also take a screenshot of this episode and tag me in your Insta and Facebook stories. And I'll give you a shout out right back, leaving a review and sharing this episode is the best way you can show me some luck. Thanks so much. And I'll see him the next episode. And remember your smile is like a boomerang, throw one at somebody and it'll come right back.

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