EP 31 What is Your Super Power? You are Wonder Woman! Fully Equipped with Who God Has Called You to Be! Walking in Your Purpose for your Family Super Mom!


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EP 31 What is Your Super Power? You are Wonder Woman! Fully Equipped with Who God Has Called You to Be! Walking in Your Purpose for your Family Super Mom

Listen, SIS, you are stronger than you. Believe you have greater powers than, you know, because no matter how small, an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference. Do you guys know what that's from? We're going to find out in this episode!

Welcome back friends to this episode of Wholly Made Life. So I want to start today and talk about your super powers and yes, you have super powers and they are given to you by God

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So when I'm talking throughout this episode, I want you to know that. Obviously I want to acknowledge that your superpowers are given to you directly by God. So I wanted to talk today about wonder woman, have you guys seen this movie? I tell you what, it's one of the best movies I cry and cry and cry every time I watch it. It's just amazing. But let's talk a little bit about who wonder woman is. So according to vocabulary.com wonder woman is a noun. It's a woman who can be successful at being a wife and also have a professional career at the same time. Hmm. How many of us does that sound like?

I just defined every single person listening to this podcast. Sister, you are a wonder woman. You are the wonder woman. So I want you to think the episode where, not the episode, the part of the movie, if you guys have seen it think about the part of the movie where they are in this bunker. And these guys have been stuck in this bunker for so long. They've not been able to progress forward to take over the area that they have been trying to take over. So she decides that because the choice was to go on and continue on their journey, her and her group, and let these men die in this bunker because they'd been there forever and they couldn't progress forward and they were going to die. They couldn't retreat and they couldn't go forward. They were just going to die. She decides instead to sacrifice herself and put others first.

So she jumps out of the bunker. She starts taking these bullets so that others can go ahead and take over the enemies bunker as you watch her in her strength, put her shield in front of her and step out alone and take bullets after bullets, after bullets, also that all of the others can run forward. And go ahead while she is the one under aim, she is the one under fire. I cried and cried during this part. And this is because of her strength, her compassion for these people, her empathy and her need to serve and save that's her power because she is a woman and women have these empathetic, strong feelings. This need to care for others. It's just an innate, nurturing quality that we have. That's us. That's women. We are wonder women. We are her. We embody everything that wonder woman is because that's who God has called us to be.

That's how we've been created. We sacrifice so others can go. We sacrifice so others can do. We sacrifice so others can eat and sleep. We go without so that others can have, we don't sleep because there's too much work to do sometimes. So when you think of wonder woman or the strongest woman of God in your life, who do you think of and what qualities do they have? Do you think of you and the qualities that you have when you think of a wonder woman? Why not SIS? You are that wonder woman. You are her don't you understand that there's somebody in your life thinking of you as their wonder woman. When someone asks them, who's a strong woman in their life, the wonder woman of their life, the wonder woman of God, you are the one that comes to that. Person's mind. There's somebody in your life that calls you, you their wonder woman.

Why is that so hard to believe? Friend? Why is that so hard to believe you are her. You are the strong woman of God. You are the wonder woman. I'm going to tell you why it's because the enemy constantly asks us. Who do you do? You think you are well, who do you think you are thinking? You're wonder woman thinking you're strong. Yes. The enemy can cause that doubt and disbelief in who you are, then it keeps you from working on an, in your purpose. If he, the enemy can keep you from doubting who it is that God has called you to be and the strength and all of the equipping that God's putting it within you so that you can walk out into that battlefield. You can walk out into your purpose and with your shield of God and take that fire from the enemy and keep on moving forward.

If he puts doubt in your mind, then he keeps you from walking in your purpose. He keeps you from walking out into that battlefield with your shield and doing the dang thing. He keeps you from protecting yourself with your shield when you need it. Because if you can get beat down enough, if you can get in disbelief and doubt enough, then you'll stop taking action. You'll stop taking those steps. You'll stop acting. You'll stop working. You'll forget who you are or you'll doubt what your calling was in the first place. That's what the enemy wants to do. He wants to strip you of your identity and your identity is that you are strong in Christ. You are the woman of God that he's created to be. So I'm here today to remind you that you are are wonder woman. You're the wonder woman of God.

You are here at her. You're victorious. You're royalty. You're strong. You're courageous. You're bold. You're blessed. You're called. You're chosen. You're restored. You're renewed and redeemed. You are strong in Christ. You're strong. He's equipped you with everything you need and everything. You are to be the wonder woman for those around you. You are her. And I don't want you for a second to forget that you are wonder woman. I may give you a couple quotes from wonder woman. If a loss makes you doubt your belief in justice, then you never truly believed in justice at all. And she also says, I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. You have been equipped to fight for others. Now I know that only love can truly save the world. So I stay, I fight and I give for the world. I know can be, that's a wonder woman.

And that's who you are. You are stronger than belief than you believe you are stronger than you. Believe you have greater powers than you know, you know why? Because all the powers and the strength that God has given you is already within you. It's already there. It's always been there. It always will be there. And you just have to recognize it and walk in it. Walk in your equipping. You've been equipped. Walk in your strength, walk in your power. That is made that power by Jesus by God take no, we're not that without him. But he's given all of this to us. Wonder woman was trained to be an unconquerable warrior. She fights. And as she fights, she discovers her true destiny and purpose. So I challenge you today, sister, to walk as an unconquerable warrior because he said, we are an overcomer. He said, we are the head and not the tail we are above and not beneath.

He said, we are overcomers and we are conquerors in Christ. Jesus, you have been trained. You have been equipped. You are an unconquerable warrior and you will fight. And as you fight, you'll discover your true destiny and your purpose lean into it. Okay? All right, sister. That was what I wanted to encourage you with today because you are strong and mighty in God. He is equipped you. You are somebody wonder woman don't ever forget it. Okay. Says, I'll see you on the next episode. Hey, wonder woman, before you go. I just wanted to remind you that if you feel stuck or if you can't quite identify what your superpowers are, grab a coaching session with me. I have 30 minute power sessions and an hour deep dive. Go ahead and hit me up on AngieToniniRogers@gmail.com to get my coaching menu. And we can talk further about what it is you need. All right.

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