EP 28 Fixing the Foundation of Your Marriage with Prayer- How to Fight your Spiritual Battles with your Husband. For the Wife who wants more fulfilling marriage! Holding hands CAN save relationship?


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EP 28 Fixing the Foundation of Your Marriage with Prayer- How to Fight your Spiritual Battles with your Husband

We're just going to talk about how to pray with your husband. This is something that can be a little bit awkward, a little bit out of the ordinary, I guess if you're not used to doing it. So let's just talk about a few little tips that we can do, and it will do wonders to strengthen your marriage.

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Hey ladies, welcome back to Wholly Made Life. And listen, if you've been feeling stuck or overwhelmed, or like you can't really fix the foundation of your Holy made life, then jump over to my email@angietoninirogers@gmail.com and ask for a session of coaching with me. I have one-to-one coaching sessions available, and we can walk through how to fix that foundation for your Wholly Made Life™. Let's get into today's episode today. We're just going to talk about how to pray with your husband. This is something that can be a little bit awkward, a little bit out of the ordinary, I guess if you're not used to doing it. So let's just talk about a few little tips that we can do, and it will do wonders to strengthen your marriage. Let's go,

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Ladies. Welcome back to this episode of Wholly Made Life™. And today I want to talk about something that can be somewhat awkward and uncomfortable, but that is praying with your husband. Now, some of you guys may have already made this a habit, and if you have kudos to you, because it is one thing that for sure will strengthen your marriage. It has to, as soon as God is in the middle of it, it is his idea to begin with marriage itself is his idea to begin with. So when you keep him in the middle of it, then your marriage just has to get stronger. But sometimes this can be harder than it seems. Sometimes it just feels awkward. And especially you've had some sort of argument or a conflict, or just feeling kind of mad in your relationship. Sometimes it just feels hard to break that barrier and pray for your husband and or with your husband, not necessarily for your husband, hopefully you're praying for your husband and your family every day.

And so I just wanted to talk about a few things that you could do to make it easier and more comfortable to pray with your husband. So obviously a great time to do that is right before you go to bed. Now, my husband and I typically go to bed at different times. I am a late, I stay up late and he goes to bed early because he has to get up at like four 30 in the morning or something craziness like that. My goodness, but I like to stay up late. So I'll give you an example of what we did tonight. What I've talked to him about is that, you know, we're praying separately, but it's really important that we come together in agreement because the Bible says for two or three are gathered, God is in the midst of it. And so it's really important that you come together with your spouse to pray in agreement for what you're both praying for and believing for, because it's just stronger.

It's just, you're in agreement with someone else. And you've got someone else doing that with you. Not to mention that it is obviously a great thing for your children to see the both of you guys praying. Okay. So back to my example for tonight. So he was getting ready to go up to bed. So I just said, Hey, why don't we do our prayer real quick since I'm going to stay up and I'm going to do a little bit more work. And so I just grabbed his hand and I went first and prayed out loud for some different things. And then he prayed out loud for some of the things that he was believing for. And then we affirm each other in those prayers. So it doesn't have to be this major thing. It doesn't have to be this beautiful Psalmist like Breyer that doesn't have to be beautiful and eloquent.

It can just be, you know, talking to God with your husband in the room and just hold hands, make that connection physically and spiritually together. Even if it's just a few minutes last night before we were going to bed, I actually was in the bed at the time before he was asleep. And so I just put my hand on his shoulder. I said, Hey, I'm going to pray for you. And I went ahead and prayed out loud. Now, other times you could just touch a shoulder and pray to yourself. If you want, you don't always have to pray out loud, but it's just one of those things. There's power in your tongue and there's powers in the words that you release into the atmosphere. And it's certainly more powerful when you have your husband on board covering that and listening to that. And if your husband is not as vocal, like mine is not as vocal.

He still will do it. If I grab his hand and say, come on, let's pray. Even if it's uncomfortable and you laugh a little bit and it takes a little bit of time, that's fine. Nobody says that that's not okay. Okay. It doesn't have to look like it does in the movies or what was that movie? Prayer warriors. Oh my gosh. I can't believe why I'm going blank on that. It's prayer warrior room, prayer room, something like that. You guys know what I'm talking about anyways. It doesn't have to be a beautiful prayer like that. Okay. It can just be prayer. Okay. So some other things you can do or some prayers that you might have memorized, just take time when you say those prayers though, and really think about what those words are. Something I do in my kids do actually on the way to school every morning, or we all take turns, praying out loud for different people, for different things.

We end it with the, our father and the glory be because those are words that we can say in unison together. And we say it slowly enough to where we're paying attention to what those words are, but each of them will take turns and they will talk about praying for their friend who hurt their arm. And they're praying for healing for their arm or praying for someone who, you know, there was a kid that said that he wasn't sure if he believed in God. And so one of my kids are praying hard for the Holy spirit to pull his heart back to him and show him his love for him. And so we all just pray in agreement and it's the same kind of thing that you can do with your husband. Okay. Something else that we can do to put it out in front of us is we can put a little, either a white board or a notepad or something.

I know Pat on the counter or a whiteboard on the frigerator and we can write down, I need prayer for, and then when people go by just my back, my head, my wrist, financial provision a new job, whatever those things are. And then that way, when we're walking by, you know, someone can tap that thing and just make a mental note of saying, yep, I'm an agreement praying for financial provision or praying for a new job or whatever those things are. Okay. That's another idea that you can do. The other thing that I would suggest is as you walk by your kids' bedrooms on the way to bed, or before you wake them up or whatever, just, you know, tapping the door and thanking God for the covering, the covering and the protection that he is. And, you know, rebuking the devil and saying that, you know, the enemy is not welcome in this house is not welcome in this room.

You know we pray against all the strongholds, all those kinds of things. So just as you're walking through your house, you can just be talking out loud God, to confirm what it is that you're praying for, what it is that you are believing for. Okay. That's another example. Okay. You guys, I've had to pause this recording so many times because there is this horrible itch in my throat and it's causing me to continue to cough. I don't think the enemy wants me to do this episode, even though this is just a quick little episode on prayer. Obviously this is very powerful for you and your family, because I am having like these coughing fits and I have no idea where these came from. So anyway, the other thing I was going to say about that is, you know, the enemy does not want us to pray because there's truth.

And that there's power in prayer and there's power when two or three are gathered together in agreement about that prayer. And so the more that you and your husband can pray together, the more intimate your spirituality grows. And after your spirituality grows together, your spiritual maturity in and as a couple grows, your physical intimacy grows. Your emotional intimacy grows because you're spending that time. And there's just something powerful about prayer with your spouse and prayer with your children. Okay? This episode is really more about praying with your spouse and just doing it, getting over the awkwardness and just doing it. If you're not able to pray with your spouse, then pray for your spouse all the time. By the way, when you are praying for your spouse, pray as if he is already the strong man of God that he is called to be okay.

Don't pray for things that you hope for. Pray as if he is already the strong man of God that you want. Okay? Pray as if your children are already the men or women of God that they're called to be okay. Pray as if that is the reality. Yeah, because again, there's power in life, in our power of life and death in our time. So my challenge for you today is to pray with your husband out loud. Before you go to bed tonight, just hold his hand and say, Hey, I want to start praying together before we go to bed. And if it's way awkward, then just push through it. Guys. You've done harder things than grabbing your husband's hand and saying a prayer out loud. It doesn't have to be long. It can be just as much as God. Thank you for raising up my husband to be a strong man of God.

I am thankful for this union. I thank you, God, that you've brought us together to be husband and wife. I thank you for our family. I thank you for our household. Thank you for your provision and all things. Thank you for healing in our mind, our body, our emotions, and our spirit in Jesus' Holy name, thank you for covering and protecting us. Amen. Okay. Just do it. I promise you the more you do it, the less awkward it will be. And even if it doesn't get awkward, how much stronger will your union or your relationship be? If you do this and what if this is the thing that is going to soften your husbands? Okay. Remember, we're all about what our actions can be, right? You're only responsible for your actions. So if praying with your husband will strengthen your marriage and it's something that you can do, even if he doesn't want to participate, that's fine.

Hold his hand and put your hand on his shoulder and just say, Hey, give me a couple minutes of quiet so I can pray for you. And even if he doesn't hear you because he's too uncomfortable or because you know, you can't pray out loud, at least he knows, Hey, we are in physical union right now and praying for me. And I, I guarantee you that will soften his heart. God will work through that. Okay? So let's do the hard things. Let's do the awkward things, because those are the powerful things. When we do awkward and hard things, and we take responsibility, those are the things that are going to impact our marriage and our life. And the more that we can impact our marriage and our union positively, the more our children are impacted. The more our friends and families are impacted. It's just all good. Okay. All right, guys. So I'm going to pray for you tonight.

God, I come today in praise and thanks for you covering and protecting my sisters that I ask that you give them strength and courage and you give them a boldness to pray out loud for their husbands, for their families, to fight back against what the enemy wants to do to destroy, kill, and steal. The enemy has no place in their homes. And we rebuke the devour of the devil. We, we enlighten the strength and wisdom and discernment of the, of the one and only almighty God. We thank you God for covering and protecting us. We thank you God, for the strong mighty men, you're raising up in the spirit to cover and protect their homes. We thank you God, for the strong women of God that are walking with the dominion and authority that you have given them to be the, that he needs and the mother that the children need and all the things, because you have strengthened her with your spirit. And we thank you in Jesus

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