EP 22 Feeling Stuck and Unsure How to Move Forward- 7 Simple Step System to Get UNSTUCK for Overwhelmed Moms. Grab an Intentional Life coaching session if you are stuck


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EP 22 Feeling Stuck and Unsure How to Move Forward- 7 Simple Step System to Get Unstuck for Overwhelmed Moms

Are you feeling so stuck that you're unsure of how to move forward? Well, today we're going to talk about the system for overwhelmed moms and how we can work on getting stuck. So let's get ready and let's get unstuck.

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Welcome back to episode 22. And today we're going to talk about something really fun or maybe not, but I think it's, it's fun if we can just get it, but it's about feeling stuck. And are you feeling so stuck that you're unsure of how to move forward? Well, today we're going to talk about the system for overwhelmed moms and how we can work on getting stuck. So let's get ready and let's get unstuck.

Welcome back to this episode of Wholly Made Life™. And before we get started, I have some openings for some coaching sessions, a half hour sessions and a couple of one hour sessions. But at any point, if you are interested in finding out more about doing an individual coaching session with me, you can email me at angietoninirogers@gmail.com. Or you can find me on Facebook or Instagram at Angie Tonini Rogers. All right, well, let's get into it today. So we're going to talk about feeling stuck. I know if you are anything like me at one point or another, you have felt stuck or maybe it is showing up as overwhelm or, being burnt out. And this happens a lot in the mental health, behavioral health world, with the nurses that I work with or in nursing in general. And I know it happens in the corporate world.

I know it happens with mamas who have full-time jobs or own businesses, and it can pretty much happen with anyone anywhere time, but it is a place where we just feel like things are not going well. And it feels like things are piling up and we do not know what to do, where to go. And the thing about being burned out or in this place of overwhelm or feeling stuck is that no matter what you do, you feel like you get deeper and deeper. And the other thing it does is I feel like it puts these glasses on that are shaded with overwhelm or shaded with being burnt out or shaded with feeling stuck. So it's like we're looking through the lenses that change the world that we see because we're coming from a place of overwhelm being burnt out or feeling stuck. And I always talked to the nurses or the staff that I have about when they are feeling this way and reminding them that, you know, sometimes we're in a place of burnout or overwhelm or feeling stuck and we can do some things to come back from that.

There's a point where we can make some changes. We can do some things and start to look through a lens that lets us see the world from a better perspective. Because when you are seeing the world through burnout, you tend to respond differently. You receive information differently, you perceive information differently. You perceive conversations differently. You attach meaning to things sometimes that if you weren't burnt out, or if you weren't overwhelmed, you would not normally attach that definition or attach those emotions to that instant that just happened. Or that moment that just happened. But because you've got these glasses on that you're seeing the world through burnout. You don't even realize sometimes that your emotions of being burnt out or tired or overwhelmed or just stuck are tainting the circumstances in which you're in. So other people around you may not be seeing it that way because they're not coming from this burnt out place.

It's like this concept called the mood elevator. And it's a concept where the lower you are on the elevator, the worse you perceive and receive and the worse it is to handle situations. Whereas if you're at the top of the elevator where you are, um, very happy and you are in a great mood, you've gotten enough sleep. You are seeing things through rosy glasses. Um, you are able to handle things differently. So I, for an example of this is like, if I am super tired, let's say I could not sleep at all last night. And my kids are bickering back and forth and I snap and I just say, stop it that's enough. Um, that might be a different response. Yeah. If I had gotten a really good night's sleep and I wasn't so impatient or short, okay. I might just be like, boys, please that's enough.

And instead of snapping and yelling or screaming or arguing, or sending them to your rent, their rooms or whatever it may be. Okay. So it's just important to realize that sometimes we're in a place and we don't realize we are seeing the world through glasses, you know, uh, there are times that I forget I have my glasses on. And so when I lay down and I feel my glasses on my face, I'm like, Oh my gosh, I have my glasses on and just take them off. It's kinda like the mask right now where sometimes I forget, I get out of my car and I forget that I don't have my mask on. So I'll walk all the way up to the door. And then I see someone else with their mask and I'm like, Oh man, I got to go back to my car and get my mask because I don't even feel it anymore.

So it's this thing that we become used to because it's how we're receiving information all of the time. So if we get into a place where we are burnt out or stuck in something, sometimes we don't even realize we're stuck and we need the people around us to love us enough to say, you know, why don't we think about how you're perceiving, what just happened? Because I have a different perception of what just happened. Uh, and it's might be because I'm in a different place. Okay. So we're going to talk about the system for getting ourselves unstuck. So back to the being burnt out. So there, sometimes there's a point where you can come back from that. You can change some things and come back other times, there's a point where you have to actually do something to change your circumstance or change your environment because you're at a place where, you know, you're not going to come back from that burnout, or you're not going to come back from that overwhelm as long as nothing changes, you know, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

So let's talk about this system for getting unstuck and then we'll move from there. All right. So the unstuck, we're going to look at this as spelling out unstuck. So U N S T U C K.


N= Nurture & No

S= Sufficient

T= Time

U= Upbeat

C= Courage

K= Kindness

So the first letter U is for understanding: the number one thing you need to do is understand what it is you're facing. Understand, become aware, that there could be a problem. If you are getting repetitive, negative responses and emotions to situations happening, then you might have an issue going on that you need to take a careful look at. You need to get a better understanding of what's going on and why it is that you're receiving or perceiving information this way. Okay? So the first step is to understand and gain awareness of what's going on. The second thing is in, and that is going to be nurture. And you're going to get a double whammy for this, this letter.

It's going to be nurture and it's going to be no. So the second letter in nurture, what this means is that once you gain an understanding, you want to nurture this situation. That means that maybe it is that you need to nurture yourself. Maybe it is that you are so stressed out so overwhelmed that you are running yourself at all ends of the candle, and you cannot get any time to take care of yourself. So maybe it is that you need to nurture yourself. Maybe you need to get some more sleep. Maybe you need to get some more nourishment for your body, for your mind, for your emotions, for your spirit. Maybe you need to add some things into your daily routine in order to nurture yourself so that you can receive and perceive things in a different way. Okay? Once you've got that acknowledgement and understanding of what's happening, then you need to see what you can do differently about that situation.

The second N in this is no, maybe it is that you are taking on too much and you are saying yes, too much. There is a place for no. So sometimes part of that, nurturing yourself or nurturing the situation is going to be, to say no more often. And it is okay to say no, especially when you're at a place where you are feeling so overwhelmed, so burnt out. So stress out and just stuck in a situation. Sometimes there is a place for you to say no. Okay. The next letter is S as in stuck. Okay. So the S stands for sufficient. So we've understood what the problem is. Now we have decided on how we can nurture ourselves or the situation. And we have deciphered what we need to say no to, and what we need to say yes to. And now you need to know that you have, you are sufficient.

You have been equipped with everything that you need, and you are surrounded by the people that you need to help you make this happen to help you get yourself unstuck, okay? You have everything that you need. You are sufficient, you are enough, and your God is sufficient. He has equipped you with everything that you need to make this happen. The next letter is T and this stands for time. You are going to pay attention to the time that you are spending in all the areas of your life, because sometimes we get so burnt out. So overwhelmed, so stressed out because we are spending way too much time doing one thing and not enough time doing things that light us up, things that bring us joy, three things that spark joy in our lives. So for me, for my example, uh, it, there are, I am so prone to letting my career, my business, my, uh, daily methods of operation take over.

So there are times that I could sit on the computer, working on different things from the moment I get up until two or three in the morning. And I, if I am not purposeful and intentional about my time, then I end up spending two, three, four days, you know, either working 80, I ended up working 80 hours a week, or I, uh, don't, I realize a whole week goes by and I haven't spent any intentional time with my kids or with my husband, or I'm always thinking that I'm running out of time. I don't have enough time. So you've got to be very intentional with the time that you have and make sure that you are blocking the time that you want to get the results that you want. Okay? The less intentional you are with your time, the more stuck you're going to feel.

All right, the next letter is you again. And this one is going to be up beat. And because there is no P for positivity, uh, I used up beat here. It is so important. I think that we recognize then when we are feeling stuck, when we are feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, our emotions start to lie to us about, uh, everything that's happening around us, the emotions that tell us and give us information that we create thoughts around and then actions and behaviors and words around sometimes are not the truth. So we need to make sure that we are surrounding ourselves with people that are not corroborating our story, that everything is negative and our circumstances suck. And we can't, uh, get enough time to do what we want to do. We want to surround ourselves with who are more positive or upbeat about the outcomes, more upbeat about our lives, ways that we can, uh, look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

You've got to have some of those people in your life. You know, it is very true about who you hang around is who you become. So you've got to be real careful that the people that you're talking to are not only people that are corroborating this story that helps you feel stuck and burnt out and overwhelmed and stressed type. This is a very cultural, collaborative, communicative thing that happens. So if you are upbeat, if you are looking at, you know, we talked about these affirmations of who God says you are. And we've talked about waking up in the morning and repeating, you know, five to seven affirmations that we know that God says about us. If we do that every single morning, before our feet hit the floor, if we do that throughout the day, as soon as that emotion comes up, Oh my gosh, here she goes again, this situation is horrible.

Here, there it goes. My boss again, uh, you know, thinking that I can do everything. Um, as soon as we get that, that starting to happen, we can see, start to repeat some of those affirmations in our head and say, you know what, no, I am the head and not the tail. I am victorious. I am an overcomer. I am a conqueror. I am equipped. I am sufficient. His grace is sufficient. Uh, you know, whatever those words are that help you get the emotions flipped from this is devastating. This is horrible to you. No, no, I can do this. I can, uh, walk with my head up and I can walk in ready to be victorious, whatever you need to do to flip that switch, to get those emotions and those thoughts to be congruent with that instead of the feeling stuck. That's what I'm talking about here with the upbeat, the next one is C and this one is courage.

And the reason I chose courage is because it takes courage. I think when your circumstances seem to be, um, keeping you stuck or bound, you need courage to make. So some of these decisions, it takes courage to take the time, to understand and acknowledge what is going on. It takes time. I'm sorry. It takes courage to say, no, I'm not going to do that because I've got enough on my plate right now. And I am already way overworked in this area. And I am missing out on this other area. It takes courage for that. It takes courage to remind that you are equipped for what's coming to you. Okay? It takes courage to set the time and be intentional so that you are in control of your time and not allowing everyone else to be in control of your time. Okay? It takes courage to speak words over yourself that are upbeat and positive when you don't really feel like your situation is showing up that way.

And then finally, the last one is K, and this is kindness. This is being kind, being loving and just remembering to serve other people, be kind, pay it forward because the reality is is that we are called to pay it forward. We are called to serve others. We are called to love. We are called to show kindness to others, no matter what the circumstance is, you know that saying, kill them with kindness. This is what we're talking about here. We want to be kind to others and to ourselves. I think when you get in a place where you've made some mistakes, maybe you are feeling burnt out. You're feeling stuck. And so you've responded in some ways that have damaged relationships, uh, that have messed up some circumstances. It's time that you acknowledge it. You nurture yourself. You start standing up with courage and saying, no, you understand that you're well equipped.

You start blocking off your time so that you can take that time back and being control of your own time. And you do that by being kind to yourself first, give yourself some grace, give yourself some, um, some forgiveness, because we all get into these ruts. We all get stuck, but I promise you that you can get unstuck no matter what is going on in your life, you can get unstuck. So that's my system for getting unstuck. And yes, it takes a little work. Yes, it takes some attention, but so does everything that's worth, worth getting. So does everything so being unstuck, you understand and nurture and know S sufficient T time you up beat C courage and K kindness. Okay. Are we ready to get unstuck? All right, let's do it. And I hope that you are over in the Facebook group. If you're not go ahead and get over in our Facebook group: Wholly Made Life™

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