EP 20 Change your Life by Doing this Daily for Busy Working Mom. Morning Routine Professional Working Woman- Pray-Dry Brush-Happiness Essential Oil-Green Smoothie


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EP 20: Change your Life by Doing this Daily for the Busy Working Mom. Morning Routine for the Professional Working Woman- Pray-Dry Brush-Happiness Essential Oil-Green Smoothie

Get a daily routine that hits several pieces of your pie. Here’s mine.

  1. Pray (Prepares me for the spiritual warfare I may face for that day)
  2. Biblical Affirmations: Repeat words that I know God said about me
  3. Dry Brush with Happiness Essential Oil (awakens, activates, detoxifies, smooths skin)
  4. Green Smoothie

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Welcome back sister today is episode 20! So we're going to talk today about personal and self care, but before we get started, I wanted to you give a thank you and a challenge. So I wanted to, I read a couple of reviews because I am having a small giveaway content to get to a hundred ratings, a hundred reviews. And just as a reminder, the way Apple podcasts works is that in order for the podcast to be seen by other women, when they are searching for podcasts, resonate to resonate with, in order for it to show up in the search, the ratings and the reviews, the more that you have, the better chance we get to show up in searches. So that's why reviews and ratings are so important. I am so grateful for those of you guys who have taken time to give the ratings and the reviews.

And of course, I hope for five stars and a written review, if you're not able to give five stars, if you could email me instead, and let me know what feedback you have, because I want to hear the feedback. If it's not a five stars, I want to be able to correct it so that you can give me five stars. So email me at angietoninirogers@gmail.com. If you have some feedback that in order for you to give me five stars, I would need to do on the podcast, because I'm definitely here for it. I'm here for that feedback. But I also want the podcast to be able to be found so that we can create this community of women that we can help each other with and live life together. And the great way to do that, like I said, is to have five star reviews with written reviews.

So I wanted to read a couple of reviews, Ellie C., , the Spanglish “encouraging, thank you for the beautiful reminder that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and the encouragement to get all that God has for me. I will have the whole pie”. Well, amen sister. I pray that for you as well.

Okay. The next one is Tammi L I think, and it says “living my whole life. Angie has a way about her. That is so encouraging. I can't wait to start to live my whole life. Holy made so awesome”. And that was a five star review.

So thank you so much what my challenge, but a little giveaway is we’re trying to get to a 100 reviews and ratings. I will be giving away one of my favorite things. One of the favorite products that I use, and I will drop that into the mail as soon as we're able to hit that hundred, write a review.

So if you do a review or rating, of course, I will have that there. I would encourage you to sign your name at the bottom so that I know how to find you otherwise. It just shows up as the, your Apple login. And sometimes that's not always indicative of who it is, leaving the review, sign, your name. And the second thing you can do is tag an episode or tag your review that you wrote, like screenshot it and then put it up in your Insta or Facebook stories and tag me so that I can keep of the review that you've done so that you can get into the drawing to win the giveaway. Okay. So I thought that might be fun.

All right. So today we are going to get into personal care. So I don't know about you, but I used to, when I thought about personal self-care, I used to think about, you know, going to the spa and getting a massage and taking a girls trip or a trip by yourself or things like that.

I have now realized that it's really more about the small everyday things you can do to take care of yourself. There are so many things that we can do in personal. Self-care really hits all the pieces of our pie. If you think about it, it hits the physical, the emotional or psychosocial, it hits the spiritual, your personal interests. It hits your space like your environment, where you live your home and financial and work. So there's ways to take care of yourself in all of those areas. And I just want to touch on a few of those areas, because like I said, if you're like me, then you may think of self care is something huge. Like you have to take, you know, a spa vacation or something like that. Now, if you listened to my last episode, episode 19, you'll know that physical touch is absolutely not my love language.

I mean, it's there. And speaking of love languages, you can kind of have some in all, like, you're not probably going to score zero in any one of those love languages, but physical touch is just a very low one for me, because I don't need that. I don't receive love that way. It's just not something that lights me up. It just is what it is bummer. Right. But I found ways to make an important, what I was going to say is when I think about a massage or massage or something like that, I cringe. I know there are so many people that love massages and stuff. I've had one in my life. It was actually in Mexico when my husband and I were getting married and I don't really remember too much about it, which means it probably wasn't too traumatic, which is good, but it wasn't a mind blowing experience either.

Cause I really don't remember it too much. I just don't. I just, It doesn’t light me up. You guys, I don't get it. And I think that has probably to do with years and years of my own body image stuff that I've talked about in some previous episodes, especially I think episode one where I talked and did the intro, you know, I've had a lot of body image issues that continues to creep up every now and then. And I have to deal with that when that does creep up. So I think that massage specifically for me, it just, that's probably in the background. That's probably my subconscious related to the massage, but it's just not something that I enjoy. You're not going to hear me talking about going to the spa and getting a massage for self-care because honey, no, thank you. Okay. Uh, to get a good a hair, like go and get my hair done.

I do that. Not enough. I do it probably twice a year. The people that cut my hair could probably attest by the time I get there, it's grown out to all the way past my shoulders and the color is, I mean, the last time I went, my hair was almost all white. I was amazed. I had no idea because of the way I put my hair. When she started moving my hair around, I was literally almost all white. You guys, I almost considered going white, but I just thought I'm not quite ready for that. I mean, I'm 44 and maybe I don't want to go all the way white, although you know, that light gray, white is kind of in now. So anyway, I might try it. Who knows, uh, to get back to that. So getting my hair done would be something, but that's not something that can let you up every day because that's a, one-time bigger thing.

And you guys, I apologize. I'm sitting at my kitchen table because my son, my youngest Bryson is out of school yet. Again, I'm sitting out here in case he needs something, but the table is so creaky. I've got like this antique table, that's been whitewashed. And, but it's so creaky. So I'm sure you can hear it in the background. So I just apologize about that upfront, but let's talk about every day daily things. One of the number one things that I have done, uh, not quite a year, but close to it at this point is a daily routine that has really made me feel like at the end of the day that I have done something for myself, these small things that we can do in most of the areas that I just mentioned, that will make you feel like you took care of yourself today because it doesn't have to be this huge spa trip or this huge vacation.

It can be just small things you do every day. My daily routine, number one, number one I have about three or four things on my daily routine that I make sure that I do. And most of them happen before I even get out of the shower. And that way I know that they're done and I can feel good about it. So the first thing I do, and I've mentioned this before, I think is I pray before I get out of the bed. So before I get out of the bed in the morning, before my feet hit the floor, I pray. And sometimes it's a devotional that I'll open up my phone and I'll get on the devotional and I'll go through that. If I have enough time, otherwise it's just prayer. It's just talking to God before I get up, before my feet hit the floor.

And the good thing is my husband goes to work very, very early. So he's not usually there to hear me talk out loud to God. I just lay in the bed and I talk to God and I do that for a few minutes, whatever is appropriate for you. Okay. I don't, I used to feel very pressured. Like I need to get up at four 30 or 5:00 AM and make sure that I have enough time alone with God, but I have now felt comfortable enough to pray before I get up. But throughout the day I kind compress time. So like I, but like when I'm in the bathroom, washing my hands or when I'm in the, by myself, I'm usually talking to God. And so I compressed time that I already have. And so it's a little bit throughout the day, but I'm talking to God throughout the day.

Okay. So, so I pray. I pray before my feet hit the ground. The other thing I do is I repeat out loud several times, at least five things that I know God says about me. Like I am victorious. I am redeemed. I am restored. I am saved. I am healed. I am delivered. Okay. Whatever those words are that resonate with you for that day, or maybe you have a piece of paper that just has a list of all the things that you know that God says about you. Um, I have an episode about this and I don't know what the number is right now. There are so many words and so many things that God says about us that I just feel like very empowered. If I say those things out loud and remind myself who I am in God. And I say it out loud for all the, whoever might be listening, okay.

We never know what is out there ready for us in our day. And I want to prepare, you know, my armies of angels and also the demons that might exist, uh, that, you know, Hey, I am who God says, I am not who you are trying to tell me. I am today. Okay. Stand back, Satan. Not today. Satan, not today. I'm actually had a sweatshirt on it says not today, Satan. So that's funny. Okay. So the second thing I do before I get in the shower is I derive brush. Have you guys ever heard of what dry brushing is? Do you know what dry brushing is? Dry brushing is what it sounds like. You take a brush on your skin and you brush your skin. And the claims, if there's health claims about it. And I have to say it's claims because I don't want to, I'm not, I'm not your medical professional at this point, but it just helps wake me up.

Number one, like I am not a morning person. Anybody that knows me, especially people in my own household will tell you she's not a morning person. I would rather stay up all night long then to get up at the crack of Dawn. It's just me. It's his, how I'm wired. It just is what it is. But when I started dry brushing that literally activated my soul. I also have this daily ritual essential oils that I put on. It's called happiness. Oh my gosh, it's changed my life. Literally it activates my soul and I'm not kidding. There's something that happens within my body that wakes up. I feel like it wakes up myself. So I put that on and then I dry brush. And so dry brush is it's supposed to help with your like winter skin or flaky skin circulation. It's supposed to help detoxification start moving all of those things around to get out of your lymph because your lymph is what helps you.

Your lymph system is what helps you remove toxins from your body. So it's supposed to help us circulate and get the toxins that are in your body, to your limp. And it also can help with digestion and there's even some improvement, the appearance of cellulite. And that may or may not be true for you. I feel like it's helped the look of my legs, but I really do it because it literally it's, it's like activating all of your nerves in your whole body. So it just wakes me up. It just really helps me feel activated. But between that happiness essential oil that I use and the dry brushing, I just feel completely awakened. And then what I do is I get in the shower and while I'm in the shower, I listen to either Bible on a tape or it's like the Bible app. I listened to a devotional again.

I listened to worship music. Uh, so that's number three is, uh, pray, dry brush. And then I listen while I'm in the shower. And while I'm getting ready to either worse at music or a podcast that I've been in, it's usually about scripture somehow. Um, but worship or the, um, podcasts. And then after that I do a green smoothie. Now this is what has made the difference in my digestion. I feel like. And also my energy, because if you start your day with a green smoothie and it doesn't have to be, it's not nasty. Okay. To me, it tastes really good. And it's something that I actually started to crave. I started this back in, uh, August while I was recovering from COVID actually, and I've drank this green smoothie and it's stuff like kale and spinach. I put banana in there, uh, orange, strawberry, uh, cinnamon, and I'm forgetting, you can put mango in there, mango in there is really good, our peach, and that will sweeten it up a little bit, but the cinnamon is what's good.

So I just take it and I down it. Okay. Um, and then I put a couple scoops of collagen that I use powdered collagen that I use for my joints. And I do that. So those are the four things I do. That's like my am morning routine, that it just makes me feel more whole and it makes me feel better about myself. And I do think that it helps with, it helps me spiritually because the prayer and the repeating out who God says, I am, gets me ready. And it helps the, you know, the dry brushing I feel like helps me awaken and awaken my soul. And the green smoothie helps me physically because it's not only good because I mentally and emotionally and psychologically feel like I've done something healthy, but it also helps with digestion. I mean, it does help you keep things moving.

Okay. So those are my daily routines that I use. Okay. So that's the first thing that I would recommend is getting a daily routine that you feel good about and try to pack a few small things in there every day that you will feel good about. I mean, those are not mind blowing thing you guys, and they don't take that long. I pray, I do the dry brush. I listen to the Bible app or the devotional while I'm in the shower and getting ready. And then I do the green smoothie. And my tip about the green smoothie is just do a big batch, like do a whole blender full. And I just put it in the fridge and then I just pour it. I usually do one on Sunday night and then I have one for a couple of days and then I'll do another one after that runs out that night and then I'll have it for another couple of days.

So I only have to mix it and I keep it in a frozen bag. So I cut up all the spinach, cut up all the kale, cut up all the mango, whatever else I'm putting in there. And I just freeze it all in a bag. And that way, when I'm ready to do a next batch, it's just already there and it's cold. And I like the smoothie. I don't like a warm smoothie at all, especially a green smoothie. So I just, that kind of grosses me out a little bit. Yeah. Especially with texture and stuff. So the cold makes it feel more like a, like a cold slushy type of smoothie. So that's how I like it. Yeah. And so it, doesn't not take that any time, but it makes me feel so much better about my day it gets, it gets me started in a way.

So the way you start your day sometimes is just as important as how you end it. So I it's kinda like, um, everything I do, and this is not a morning routine as I, as far as like physically or whatever. Well, I guess it would count in the space area or the home area is I always make my bed. I never leave my bedroom without making my bed. It just does something to me when I walk into my room and I don't see my bed made, I just, it bothers me. So I guess I could add that actually. That's probably true. I always make my bed and I do that before I, as soon as my feet hit the floor, I'm making my bed. Now. That doesn't mean I, I put every single throw pillow that I have on my bed. Um, because I, my husband corrects up, I mean, my throw pillows and all the decorative pillows, it takes up half the bed, but it's really cool.

Q it's really pretty when it's all made up. So, but sometimes I don't put all of those pillows on there, but I do make my bed. Okay. That's the other huge thing. And that does help me with my, my space, my home. It makes me feel good about that. Okay. All right. So first thing I want you to do right now, what your morning routine is, and if you don't have one, make one and make it small enough that you know, that you can do everyday. Don't put a big list together that you feel burdened by this morning, your team, okay. That's the key, don't burden yourself by what you're going to put on this list. All right. So morning routine, do that. And then I just want to give you a couple other ideas of what your personal self care could look like in small things throughout your day, that will touch all of your areas of your life.

Because for example, at work, uh, boundaries, the way that you can put your personal self care first is to create boundaries. One of the things that used to drive me crazy at a particular place that I worked was that they never transferred anyone to voicemail. Or if someone showed up at the front door, they would just page you and, and make you answer that. Even if that person didn't have a scheduled meeting with you. And so what I always say is that someone else's emergency or lack of planning, doesn't constitute an emergency for me, or doesn't mean that I have to replan my day to accommodate someone else. Now. Sure. There are times where you would do that, but for the most part, creating those boundaries are important. Certain ways for you to take care of yourself that way you are in control of your day.

So at work, I would check emails on my time. People knew that if you want to get ahold of me, then you can walk around and you can find me. And then I will let you know whether or not I can do the task you're needing me to do right now. Um, I just made it very clear that I schedule myself in a way that I am prioritizing the tasks that I know I have to get done. I've got a lot of things that are pressing on me from all different areas. And the only way I can stay sane in that and take care of myself is to schedule it. And so when people try to come in, you know, poor things on you in the moment that may or may not be appropriate. So you have to develop that skill set to set that boundary and say, okay, I appreciate how important that is to you.

Here's when I can get to that, because I have a deadline on this and I have a priority for this, and I have to do through these two things first. So why don't you email me or send something to me on a calendar, like a meeting. And that way we can block that time together. And I always make my meeting, uh, calendar open so everybody can see it so that they know when I'm open and when I'm not okay, that's just the way that you can set a boundary. That's not always the easiest thing to do, but that's an example of something you can do in your work, the space to create that boundary so that you maintain the ownership of your own time and you don't allow other people to manage your time. Okay. Uh, another intro or another suggestion related to something like your personal interests, make sure that you are scheduling time to do something that you care about and you like to do, and that could be daily, or that could be weekly.

Okay. It could be reading a book, it could be listening to a podcast. It could be, um, knitting, whatever it is that you like to do, make sure you have some time for that. Maybe for you. It's being able to go to a church service, just whatever is, um, something we talked about physical, uh, we've talked about, so social, maybe it's scheduling a phone call. Maybe it is, uh, reaching out and saying, uh, sending a text to somebody that you haven't talked to in a while. I did that just the other day to a couple of girls that I hadn't talked to in a while. So just think about small things that you can do in each of these areas that will make you feel like you're taking care of yourself, because after all, if we're not taking care of ourselves, that stuff piles up, the small things become big things, and that can be a negative thing or a positive thing.

The small things that you do every day for yourself can become a big, big thing for yourself. And you're feeling really good about those outcomes because every small thing equals a big thing. So, and sometimes taking those small things lead to bigger things. So you add a green smoothie every morning, and then you make a choice for lunch that you're going to have a healthy lunch, and then you eat whatever you want for dinner, whatever. I'm not into this big diet culture that has ruled my life for most of my life. So I have taken a stand and said to myself, and made a commitment to myself that I'm not going to get caught up in this whole diet culture industry. And I'm just going to take daily steps and do small things that I know are healthy for me. And the small things add up to big things.

Okay. So just like, um, if you let's say that you don't have any more in routine, or let's say that you don't do any physical movement it today and then tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day, well then you could go a month, two months, three months, six months without any physical movement. And that would add up to a big outcome that you may not like the results of. Okay. So small things matter and small things on a daily basis are important to make sure that you're getting the outcomes that you want to get. And overall, that you're feeling like you're having the time to take care of yourself. I mean, that's just what it is. We want to make sure that we take care of ourselves. So emotional, those affirmations, that morning routine that I mentioned hits a lot of this psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, personal professional.

It hits a lot of those self-care, uh, balancing acts. Okay. So if you get a good morning routine, like I mentioned, I said, pray, dry brush, um, listen to devotionals and a green smoothie that pretty much hits the entire balance of my life, all parts of my life, except for the work. Okay. Uh, it, it might prepare me for work. If I'm remembering that I am victorious, I am restored. I am redeemed. I am saved. I am healed. I am royalty. Okay. If I'm remembering those things and at work, when things happen and sometimes my emotional self is more ready to take on what comes at me. So you're kind of preparing your psyche and your emotions and your spirit to be ready for what's going to come at you. So that's how I kind of look at that. All right. I think that I've kind of gone over this and I've probably gone over it a couple different times, a couple of different ways.

So I think that I've hit the points, but I think the important thing to remember is that you don't have to think about taking care of yourself in this huge, this huge thing, this huge massage, this huge vacation you can think of. You're taking care of yourself and get closer to feeling a little bit more successful at that. A little bit more balanced at that. If you think about what you can do, small things in dental hit different areas of your life. So at the end of the day, you can feel good about what you did to take care of yourself, okay. Setting those boundaries, doing some, self-reflection saying some of those affirmations that we talked about doing a little bit of body movement. Okay. Another great thing to do is a rebounding. I don't know if you've heard of this, but it's a little mini trampoline.

So you just, you know, if you're going to watch something on TV, then maybe for five minutes, 10 minutes, you stand on this little trampoline and you do rebounding. Your feet are not coming off of the trampoline. You're just staying on the trampoline and you're just re bouncing, bouncing up and down. And that, um, uses all of the muscles in your body. That was a, that was a freebie, I think that's enough for today. What do you guys think? Yes. Get into the Facebook group and let me know what you decided to do. Did you create an am or a morning routine that hit a couple parts of our balancing wheel? Did you do that? Are you able to do that? Do you need help with that? Do you have questions about that? Okay. Let's do this thing together. We know that we're a community of women that want to balance our lives and we want to help each other and support each other.

And maybe Polly has a suggestion for Molly. Get in that group and post what it is that you're doing to take care of yourself today. And remember, just focus on today. That's all you gotta do. You can do anything for one day, focus on what you can do today to take care of yourself. All right, sisters. All right. I will see you guys in the next episode and until then stay safe, stay warm. I'm praying for Texas and all of these Southern States that are getting snow that they're not used to. My goodness. It's, it's like, um, uh, my pastor said last night on a meeting that 73% of the us is covered in snow. That's insane. Crazy. So praying for all of those that are out of electricity out of, or having blackouts, um, just not being able to deal with the snow that they don't normally get. It's crazy. So say, say, stay warm and stay balanced. All right, sisters. See on the next episode,

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