WIP 793: From Real Estate Agent to Closing 40 Real Estate Deals a Month


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Being true to your core is something that will surely help you reach the summit of your career. Rafael Cortez got the chance to have an insightful chat with Tempe Walker who managed to work his way up the ladder of success. His humble beginnings as a traditional real estate agent significantly helped him develop and master his craft. He is known as the co-founder of Soul Pod and works closely with people who are committed to becoming better versions of themselves.

He started from being paid little. Not having enough knowledge about the industry did not stop him from achieving what he sets his vision on. He was also able to network himself with the right person who matched his ethics, values and helped him work his way to the top. The big hitters usually do 4 to 5 deals a month, but Tempe closes 40 deals a month. How does he do that? In this episode, he shares the value of having multiple vertical businesses and how it helped his business to continually expand.


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