Episode 791: The No-Competition Way to Run Your Wholesaling Business Without Ever Talking to Sellers!


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Different marketing strategies like direct mailing, pay per click and SEO surely help boost up sales. It has been used in the market for years and has helped countless real estate investors close deals. But those strategies use up time, money, effort and there is a lot of competition in the market. As a realtor, you may have asked yourself and thought about other alternatives which may help you achieve goals and improve your performance.

In today’s episode, Chris Arnold with his guests Paul Lizell and Trey Franklin will talk about how to run your wholesaling business without talking to sellers. They proved that having a different mindset and setting their own rules in achieving their goals in the real estate industry is greatly possible.

Paul has done deals in 44 out of 50 states without even leaving his office. He closes 60 to 80 deals doing his strategy. Trey has been using the same strategy for his business and he is happy that it really fits what he has been wanting to do. This episode is full of exciting insights that will fuel you to step up your game.


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