Omer Fedi, Nicole Ari Parker & Babe Ruth?


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Quick! Name three (3) baseball players. Can't do it? Neither can we, and that's why we host a celebrity gossip podcast. You're calling in to call us out today — jk, just to ask questions like, "Why is 50 Cent doing in-person champagne promo at a Hy-Vee in Des Moines, Iowa?" Great question. "Who is Addison Rae's boyfriend, and why should I care?" Another great question. Plus, Nicole Ari Parker allegedly replaces Kim Cattrall on SATC 2: Return of the Girlies, Beyoncé inexplicably prints a "Virgo Yearbook" on her website, Margaret Qualley smooches Jack Antonoff on the streets of NYC and does Sandra Day O'Connor know who Sandra Oh is?

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