Judy Martins: The Conclusion w/ Nic from True Crime Garage


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Thanks again to Nic from the True Crime Garage podcast who joined me to discuss Judy Martins case and interject his knowledge. Checkout

On the night of May 23rd, 1978, Judy Martins went out with friends for a little fun. Memorial Day Weekend was on the horizon and she had plans to go out of town with her friends.

Police say she left her friends dorm at Kent State University to walk a short distance to her dormitory. This would be the last time she would be seen again. She wouldn't be reported missing for more than a day since she lived alone. The case never seemed to materialize and eventually went cold.

Unfortunately, Judy's parents have passed away and this case remains unsolved to this day. Her brother and sister would like to see this case resolved and believes it can be done.






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