Flashback, Amy Mihaljevic


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On October 27, 1989, 10 year-old Amy Mihaljevic, a fifth grader from Bay Village Middle School, was abducted from here all american town.

Bay Village is a suburb about 10 miles west of Cleveland. Bay Village is nestled on the lakefront of Lake Erie and has a median income of just over $100,000 and houses sell on average for close to $200,000- $3,000,000. Bay Village is a quiet community that loves to participate in city activities such as soccer, the annual Bay Day Run and of course the Bay Day’s traveling carnival that makes Cahoon Park its home for three days over every Fourth of July.

To put it simply it is a great place to live because it is true community, one that looks out for other neighbors’ kids and where you will see people out walking and running almost everywhere you look. That is why this case could be considered one of the most audacious crimes I have ever come across; how did this tight knit community become the center of one of true crimes greatest mysteries, who killed Amy Mihaljevic?

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