Episode 30 - Kevin McNally Chat


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We go on an awfully big podcast adventure this week with Kevin McNally aka Professor Eustacious Jericho!

We talk to Kevin about his time working on Doctor Who, going from the “worst” episode of the show ever (apparently) to one of the best ever and we find out what Jodie and Mandip did for his birthday – where’s the video of that?!

We talk about whether we will see or hear Professor Jericho again…!
We learn what it takes to get him into your film!

Of course we venture out to sea to discuss Pirates of the Caribbean and his role as Mr Gibbs, working with Johnny Depp and blowing up pirate ships for fun!

Find out how Kevin got started in the acting world and why you should pursue any opportunity that comes your way – this story changed Kevin's life forever!

We get a visit from Tony Hancock, we talk about Dad's Army and learn about his writing days, catching up with Colin Baker at conventions and we find out… if Kevin was a biscuit, what biscuit would he be?

All that and much, much more!
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