Episode 20 - James Pardon - Doctor Who Photographer


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Let's be honest - the art and photography from the last three series of Doctor Who have been nothing short of fantastic!
Rich, vibrant, bursting with colour, life and personality!
Especially the Flux ones right? *Chefs kiss!*
There's also been some superb behind the scenes shots which have taken us deeper into the production on the show and shown us just how close the whole cast and crew are.
On this episode of our podcast, we are joined by the man behind the lens, behind the beauty and behind the scenes - James Pardon!
James has been working as the Unit Stills photographer, portrait photographer and press shot photographer across Doctor Who series 11, 12 and 13.
In our chat, we learn how he started his photography career, the equipment he uses, what it's like working on Doctor Who, what his favourite photos and moments from the production are and much, much more!
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