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Today from 1pm Season 2, episode 5 of @ White Noise will be live across all podcast platforms.

For today’s episode I sit down with Stephen Maguire.

Originally from Dublin, Stephen now lives in Sydney’s west with his partner Charlene & their 3 beautiful Daughter’s, Fiabh, Layla & Frankie.

Stephen who works in the construction industry has seen quite a few dark days. After loosing both his Mother & then his Father a few years later, very suddenly, Stephen took to the bottle.

Stephen opens up to me about his grief, work stress & daily struggles & how he now knows that drink is never the solution.

I found this chat with Stephen a very emotional one. There is no doubt about it that Stephen is a very hardworking family man who just wants to be the best version of himself.

In life we all make mistakes & are only human & when you hit rock bottom it’s takes unbelievable strength & courage to face those demons head on & fight your way back to the top!

Stephen, you are one brave man with the biggest heart & I wish you & your gorgeous little family all the luck in the world.

Never forget we’re all behind you!

Thanks again for chatting with me.

God bless x

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