Panic Station's with McCoo!


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Today from 1pm Season 2, episode 2 of @ White Noise will be live across all podcast platforms.

For today’s episode I sit down with a very witty Woman from my hometown in Newry, the Insta sensation & the face of the panic station, Lianne McCooey.

Lianne talks to me today about growing up as an only child in Newtownhamilton or as she likes to call it “ The Beverly Hills of South Armagh.”

Realising at an early age that she was gay, Lianne took the bull by the horns & came out to her family & friends, which was not an easy thing to do.

Fast forward through the school years & University, Lianne always had a passion for working with the public & wanted to have her own business & be her own boss, that being so, McCooey’s was born March 2013.

Lianne chats about the highs & lows of running her own business & the effect 2020 had on her Mental health.

Knowing McCoo (as I like to call her) from back home & with following her on Insta & I can honestly hand on heart say that she is one of the most down to earth, funniest people I’ve ever met. She just says it as it is & I personally think that is to be commended.

So McCoo, you’re an absolute legend my man! Thank you so much for coming on & having the craic with me. We will have a pint together soon, please god x


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