Exploring what early voting could look like in Connecticut


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On Election Day, Connecticut residents voted in favor of early voting – meaning Connecticut will no longer be one of just four states that doesn’t allow at least a day of in-person voting prior to Election Day.

Support for early voting is one thing; implementation is another.

Today on Where We Live, we talk about what early voting might look like in our state, and hear from Secretary of the State Elect, Stephanie Thomas.

We also hear from John Hudak, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution who will explain what early voting looks like across the country.

Do you vote for early voting? And what about something Connecticut doesn’t have yet, no-excuse absentee balloting? We want to hear from you.


  • Representative Stephanie Thomas: 2022 Secretary of the State Elect of Connecticut
  • Bilal Sekou: Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Hartford
  • John Hudak: Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution

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