The Cold Start Problem


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The Cold Start Problem addresses how tech’s most successful products solved the dreaded ‘cold start problem’ by leveraging network effects to engage billions of users. In today’s climate, it’s easier to build tech software. However, launching and scaling new products and services remains challenging. Utilised by tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft, the network effects are a solution that allows emerging products to break through by attracting new users through viral growth and word of mouth.

But what exactly are network effects? How do teams create and build them into their products? How do products compete in a market if every player utilises the same approach? In this book, Andrew Chen draws on his experience and interviews with the CEOs and founding teams of LinkedIn, Twitch, Zoom, Dropbox, Tinder, Uber, Airbnb, and Pinterest to offer valuable insights that answer these questions.

The Cold Start Problem reveals what makes winning networks thrive, why some startups fail to scale successfully, and, most crucially, why products that create and compete using the network effect method are important today.

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