Cargo theft trends, freight scams and consumer weakness


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On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is catching up with CNBC’s Lori Ann LaRocco to learn about four troubling global trade trends flashing consumer weakness.

New year, same cargo thefts. Travelers' Scott Cornell shares the latest data on what thieves are looking to steal from your trailers.

Bad markets invite big scams. Echo Global Logistics' Chris Mayberry tells us what we need to look out for from bad actors on the load board. Also, what’s good in the Dallas logistics scene?

Patriot Freight Group delivers warp pipes that would make Super Mario proud. Andrew Salazar stops by the show to talk about delivering to the oil fields.

Plus, incredible gantry cranes; ‘Demolition Man’ becomes reality; Boston Robotics vs. OSHA and more.

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