WTH is a Liberal Patriot? Brian Katulis and Ruy Teixeira on the need for a liberal nationalism, the state of the Democratic Party, and the current battle of ideas in American society


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At the start of 2021, four prominent voices on the political left created the popular Substack ‘The Liberal Patriot.’ Motivated by what they saw as a gap in analyses on US politics and foreign policy, John Halpin, Ruy Teixeira, Peter Juul, and Brian Katulis seek to use their publication to promote a new liberal nationalism on the center-left and a more open-minded and inclusive approach to thinking about political and social issues.

Two of The Liberal Patriot’s co-editors, Brian Katulis and Ruy Teixeira, joined Marc and Dany to discuss their writing, the foundations of liberal and inclusive nationalism, the political conversation on the American center-left, and the current state of modern political discourse.

The Liberal Patriot was created by co-editors John Halpin, Ruy Teixeira, Peter Juul, and Brian Katulis. Together, all four have decades of experience in the fields of political ideology; electoral analysis; public opinion; demography; and national security and international policy.

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