Ep 306: You don't read in a vacuum


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Today's guest is a dedicated reader who appreciates reading as both a leisure activity and a way to learn about other perspectives and experiences. But over the past few years, the stress of her work in the healthcare industry has impacted her reading life as she's found herself more easily distracted from her usual reads.

Corinne Miller turned to poetry collections, finding joy and inspiration in shorter stints of reading and appreciating the elegant artistry of words on the page. Her exploration of the genre has given her energy to push through difficult times and led her to reconnect with the joy of reading.

Anne and Corinne chat about why found family plots resonate with her, our shared appreciation for an artful structure on the page, and how poetry has helped re-energize her over the past year. Anne is recommending books and poetry collections that hopefully Corinne will love, and that would serve as wonderful entry points for anyone looking to sprinkle some poetry into their reading life.

See all of the books and poetry collections discussed today at whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com/306, and let us know if you've read anything you think Corinne would enjoy!

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