Ep 294: Dickens ruined my reading life


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It’s been a long time since we’ve had a teenager on the show—and today’s guest isn’t here to talk about YA. Katie Guenthner has long been reading classics, historical nonfiction, and the most formidable books she can find at the library in order to uphold her status as an “advanced reader.”

After listening to countless readers wax poetic about reading for escape on WSIRN, Katie realized that's what was missing in her reading life. Now she’s ready to trade Charles Dickens for the lighthearted stories she’s been eschewing for too long.

Anne recommends books that will help Katie take herself less seriously as a reader and help her welcome more fun reads to her library holds list. And we guarantee today’s conversation takes some turns you are NOT expecting, that you’re really gonna enjoy.

Visit our website for the full list of books discussed on today's episode and to leave Katie your recommendations for fun reads she should read next.

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