Ep 287: I want to be where the readers are


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Today's guest loves discussing books just as much as she enjoys reading them. She's ready to swap spicy opinions and share book recommendations with her fellow readers, but she hasn't found those fellow readers just yet.

Allison Matz prefers to be Twitter and Instagram-free even though she knows there are vibrant book communities online. Today she comes to us with a question: with no social media, how is an avid reader supposed to connect with her book people? Anne has some advice for Allison, and hopefully you’ll pick up some tips today, too—whether you’re getting ready to meet your book club in person again or are still seeking out your group of readers.

Allison also displays her passion for a genre that doesn't get a lot of love on the podcast.

Visit the podcast website for today's complete book list and to leave a comment for Allison since she's not on social media.

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