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John Rossman, Managing Partner at Rossman Partners and Author of The Amazon Way series, talks The Amazon Way Leadership, Executive Decisions, and Innovation.

More about our guest:

John Rossman is an expert at digital business models, operations, and organizing programs. He has led engagements on developing innovation processes, Internet of Things strategies, marketplace and API-driven platform business models. He is a sought-after speaker on creating a culture of operational excellence and innovation.


Episode Guide:

1:26 - What Is Innovation?

3:04 - Innovation playbook and Amazon

6:37 - Book: The Amazon Way

9:17 - Teams and 'failure'

10:51 - Leadership, Executive Decisions, and Innovation

13:44 - Amazon Way: building leadership principles

16:05 - Making the Amazon way your way

18:04 - Amazon and the Culture of Writing

21:29 - Universality of The Amazon Way

24:35 - Intentional Innovation

25:05 - Third element of Innovation

30:00 - 'What sucks?' framework

33:09 - Advice for Innovators


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