Innovation is taking a leap :: Dr. Maria Lucia Madariaga


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Dr. Maria Lucia Madariaga talks about her passion for discovery, research, and patient care.

More about our guest:
Maria Lucia Madariaga, a general thoracic and lung transplant surgeon. She is also the principal investigator of the Organ Perfusion Laboratory and a founding member of the Complex Airway Center at the University of Chicago.


Episode Guide:

1:46 - What Is Innovation

2:25 - What Isn't Innovation

2:57 - Being one-to-one

4:55 - Big and small leaps

6:19 - Establishing trust with patients

8: 02 - Smoking dependency

10:26 - Physician Burnout

11:11 - Helping out Physicians

13:37 - Organ Perfusion Laboratory

17:37 - Connecting the dots and step-by-steps

24:24 - Advice to future innovators

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