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Brett Simmons, Sr. Consultant at OUTLAST Consulting LLC talks on innovation across the entire value chain--with examples from various industries.

More about our guest:
Brett Simmons brings years of experience in warehousing, transportation, and operations in industries such as Mining, Railroad, and Consumer Packaged Goods. Brett uses his unique experience and education to deliver solutions that build on capabilities to offer lasting effects on an organization. Brett further reinforces process excellence and ensures cohesion between planning and structural requirements. You may contact Brett at:


Episode Guide:

1:29 - What Is Innovation

2:27 - What Is a Value Chain

3:39 - Innovation vs Day-to-day work

4:20 - Article: The Discovery of Penicillin

7:46 - Incorporating new work as frontline supervisors

8:47 - Understanding failure

12:08 - Rejections at work

12:51 - Chopped: the cooking show and 'baskets'

14:30 - Ron Howard's Apollo 13

16:06 - Innovation is not a job title nor workshop

17:36 - Innovation and constraints

18:54 - Defining Innovation as brothers: from experience and looking back

21:06 - Necessity: Mother of Invention?

22:42 - Learning is about exposure

23:49 - Collaborative environment in learning

25:03 - Fortune 500 companies and Innovation

26:21 - What is not Innovation

30:11 - Advice for innovators
OUTLAST Consulting offers professional development and strategic advisory services in the areas of innovation and diversity management.

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