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Elizabeth Head, Director of Operations at LEAD Institute + Orchard, responsible for incorporating LEAD's capacity-building curriculum into Orchard, talks on progression and having the mindset for innovation in the non-profit industry, and how innovation works in politics.

More about our guest:

On April 1, 2021, the LEAD Institute became a part of Orchard, and Liz Head joined the Orchard team as Director of Operations. Her role is to incorporate LEAD's capacity-building curriculum into Orchard and launch a refreshed virtual training opportunity in Fall 2021. In addition, as Operations Director, Liz will lead financial operations, human resources, and strategic initiative implementation. Liz joined the LEAD Institute as the Deputy Director in January 2019 and assumed the role of Executive Director in July 2020. An experienced strategist with a 15-year career in investment banking and operations management, Liz’s role was to position the LEAD Institute for future growth through strategic planning. Before joining LEAD’s staff, Liz coached three nonprofit leaders through LEAD’s Ten-Month Program.


Episode Guide:

1:37 - What Is Innovation?

5:00 - Instilling innovation of forward-movement

6:43 - Progression and Mindset for Innovation

8:48 - Profit vs Non-Profit: Similarities and common ground of populations

11:59 - Georgians United

14:53 - Independent Voting and the State of Georgia

18:18 - What is NOT Innovation?

21:37 - Power in functional partnerships

23:41 - LEAD and Orchard Merge

25:09 - Resources for Orchard, Institute for Political Innovation, Georgia Alliance

27:27 - Advice for innovators


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