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Hung Nguyen, professional development coach, and leader in BP talent management, offers her unique perspective on innovation, including the importance of curiosity and passion for what you do.

More about our guest:

Hung Nguyen, professional development coach and leader in BP talent management, offers her perspective on what innovation is...and isn’t. Her deep expertise and unique sense of humor are on full display as she discusses her perspective on the future of talent management, the role of curiosity in innovation, and the connection between innovation and frayed clothing.

Episode guide

2:30 - Innovation is about creativity and trying new things

4:11 - innovation in the corporate world

7:13 - What isn't innovation

12:03 - Right people, right team, right roles

13:35 - Innovation at BP

18:47 Different standpoints

23:04 - Advice for future Innovators


Hung Nguyen (@misshungnguyen), professional development coach and leader in BP Talent Management.


Jared Simmons (@outlastllc), Founder and Principal at OUTLAST Consulting LLC

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