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Jeff Wiguna, Co-Founder of Kuju Coffee, describes how confidence and bravery boost innovation in music and business.

More about our guest:
Prior to brewing up Kuju, Jeff was sales & marketing director at Good Paper, a fair trade consumer goods company, where he led a turnaround from declining sales to national distribution at Whole Foods Market. Jeff is passionate about building brands that have a scaled and relevant impact on the world. His favorite Kuju? "I love all of them, literally. But if I had to pick - Single Origin Papua New Guinea on the daily and Bold Awakening for when I need a real pick me up." His favorite brew: Single Origin Papua New Guinea His favorite place to indulge in it: Anywhere with a view.


Episode Guide:

1:50 - What Is Innovation

3:40 - Target in itself

5:20 - Overplaying in Music and Business

6:02 - Trying to impress

6:19 - Adding bravery and sense of humanity

6:44 - Destructive products

8:00 - Bill Evans' intentionality and building on

9:12 - Human temptation of trying to impress

9:32 - Making connections than impressions

9:40 - Impression by definition

9:54 - Jazz Improv

11:09 - Human nature: impressing and 'woodshedding'

11:53 - Leading with a hard part as a business

12:34 - "Are we connecting with what we wanted to do in the beginning?"

13:07 - Focusing on Brand Message

13:44 - Cap table and institutional fundings

14:09 - Staying true and building on as a VC

15:00 - Bravery: connotation of positive ends

20:12 - Innovation is a form of change

22:07 - Innovation like a jazz solo

29:23 - Art of listening

30:00 - Staying true to form

32:51 - What is not innovation

33:37 - Advice to Future Innovators

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