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Johnmark Oudersluys, Executive Director of CityLink Center (Cincinnati), talks on the importance of energy and activating energy to spark change in your community, re-aligning your values and professional life.

More about our guest:
CityLink Center’s Executive Director is Johnmark Oudersluys, a former corporate strategist with a passion for creating large scale solutions for critical social issues. At CityLink, Johnmark has led the formation of a scalable, integrated center that breaks down barriers for Greater Cincinnati’s unemployed and the working poor to progress out of poverty. Cincinnati has been home for 15+years during which engagement with community has led to deep friendships, the opportunity to meet an amazing wife and start a family, and a profound appreciation for our city.


Episode Guide:

1:32 - What Is Innovation

2:56 - Importance of Energy and Energy Activation

8:22 - Moments of resistance

12:27 - Citylink

13:55 - Crafting a personal mission statement

14:28 - Rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina

16:08 - Leading Citylink Center

19:10 - Program rich - System poor

21:40 - What's next for Citylink Center

22:12 - Fundamental issues as a sector

25:17 - Innovation: Unnatural?

29:07 - Advice to future innovators

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