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Grady Powell and Haley Robison Dake, collaborators on an innovative learning experience called Metatrack and leaders with distinguished careers as innovators shares their point of view on innovation as a way of viewing the world.

More about our guests:

Grady Powell is a future-oriented strategist, executive, and entrepreneur. The founder and CEO of Openfields, a research, strategy, and design firm committed to helping leaders imagine and implement a more creative and just future. He is also co-founder and trustee of Capita, a creative think tank for harnessing the power of big ideas to ensure a future in which all young children and their families flourish.
Haley Robison Dake advises early-stage companies and teaches at the University of Texas Austin. Previously the CEO at Kammok, an outdoor brand based in Austin, Texas, that designs performance gear to elevate time outside. Haley's most inspired at the intersection of design, business, and education.


Episode Guide:

2:10 - What is Innovation

3:07 - Innovation as a skill

4:53 - Engaging in the creative process with Jim Gilmore

5:51 - 2 Types of Innovators

6:46 - Incremental innovation value

7:34 - Act of courage and stamina

8:12 - Relative value: Incremental vs Revolutionary innovations

10:10 - Work Collaboration

11:46 - MetaTrack

14:21 - Equipping People to be lifelong learners

15:41 - If MetaTrack existed years ago...

18:01 - Beauty of Hindsight at work

22:05 - Domain expertise

23:16 - Hiring 'T-shaped' people

25:46 - Experience, Hobbies, Views, and Innovation

29:40 - Haley's 90 days in Wyoming Wilderness

32:28 - Os Guinness: Contrast is the mother of clarity

35:04 - Advice for Innovators
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