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Peet van Biljon, the founder of BMNP Strategies LLC, shares his thoughts on innovation, as well as some historical context for the way we view innovation today.

More about our guest:

Peet van Biljon advises clients on innovation strategy, new product development (NPD), and R&D transformation. He serves clients in all sectors, but has particularly deep expertise in the high-tech, electronics, software, and advanced manufacturing industries. Peet is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, where he teaches a graduate course on Innovation and Public Policy. He was formerly a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and managed McKinsey's global innovation practice. He has held executive positions in several companies internationally.


Episode Guide:

1:30 - What Is Innovation

3:00 - Creative and Analytical process

3:59 - Innovation as a social enterprise

6:14 - Ambidextrous learning

7:54 - Humans, Uncertainty, Creativity, and Innovation

9:10 - Peter Drecker: Systematic innovation

11:02 - What Isn't Innovation

12:34 - Mid-20th century definition of Innovation

13:10 - Elements before Innovation

16:17 - Research and Development vs Innovation

17:55 - Entrepreneurs' creative disruption

19:53 - Management thinking on innovation over the years

23:22 - Theories for Innovation by entrepreneurs

23:58 - Samuel Palmisano's "If you don't innovate, you're in commodity hell"

25:00 - Karl Marx

25:32 - Peter Drecker: Innovation and corporations in a systemic way

31:38 - Public and private sectors on risk tolerances

35:54 - "Why do you want to innovate?"

38:25 - Collaborative effort and leadership, healthy organization environment

41:05 - A triathlon or decathlon?

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