Nick Viall - The Ego In Dating + Relationships, How To Stop Lying To Yourself And The Power In Accepting Your Reality


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You've been waiting for this episode of WDII and it's finally here... get ready for a no bullshit, valuable af conversation as Bailey and Jacci dive deep into the stuff we often are too afraid to face head on with former Bachelor and top podcaster Nick Viall.


+ weekly Shower Thought

+ our craziest travel romance/sex stories

+ Nick's experience with being cheated on

+ how to control your thoughts and feelings

+ the lies we tell ourselves and how to stop

+ the common way people give their power away in dating

+ why gratitude is so powerful

+ if you can be friends with an ex

+ how to handle having different libidos in a relationship

+ what to do when your partner won't go to therapy

+ how to slide into a guy's (or someone you like) DM's

+ why you should never believe it's too late to start over

+ how to approach "the talk" when wanting to be exclusive

+ SO much more


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