Kate Austin - Identifying What You Want vs. What Others Want For You And Living Life On Your Own Terms


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This week's episode of WDII will inspire you to step into your life unapologetically as we chat with Kate Austin. Kate is a queer influencer who has been featured on Ellen (which we get into) and is sharing her story of coming out as a lesbian, growing up in a sheltered household, learning to explore her sexuality and letting go of the expectations of others to honour what she wanted out of life. She also shares very openly and candidly about her decision to cut ties with her parents and WHY she did it. If you take one thing away from this episode it will be to live life on your own terms.

Bailey and Jacci also dive into their new Pop Culture segment (name TBC) to discuss Colton Underwood's coming out and how they feel about the media coverage given his past behaviours.


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