Dream Analyst Lauri Loewenberg - What Your Dreams Are Trying To Tell You, How To Remember Your Dreams And The Most Common Dreams


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Do you dream? If you answered yes (which you should because everyone dreams) then this week's episode of WDII with Lauri Loewenberg is for you! Lauri is a Dream Analyst who has been featured on The Today Show and The Dr. Oz Show and now she's here to dish out the science of dreams to Bailey and Jacci. If you dream, want to learn more about your dreams or are curious about how to manifest your dreams this episode is for you!!!


+ what dreams really are

+ what happens to our brain when we dream

+ why our subconscious is so powerful

+ how our day to day affects our dreams

+ what our dreams are trying to tell us

+ how to better understand and dissect your dreams

+ how to dream journal

+ common dreams and what they mean

+ listener dreams and what they mean

+ so much more


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