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Writers are a tormented lot. We should know. We’re both authors. On Episode 121 of What Are You Afraid Of? we talk to some tormented spirits and authors. Edgar Allan Poe, tormented writer and poet, haunts the state of Maryland—the place of his birth and death. Shortly after his strange passing—the circumstances have never been entirely explained—fans began seeing his mournful spirit manifesting in his family’s home, at his favorite local tavern and especially in the catacombs where his body was entombed and moved twice. T. Fox Dunham shares the true ghost story that accounts the many visitations of his spirit and strange customs that have become associated with the tragic author including ‘The Toaster!” For the last sixty years, a phantom figure has been seen at his grave toasting Poe with his favorite cognac. Some think this spirit is Poe come back to mourn for himself and the women he loved. Then Fox interviews Crystal Lake Publishing author, Mark Allan Gunnells—no association to the Allan in Poe’s name he claims. Mark talks about his long obsession with writing horror, his new work, and he shares advice with new authors who are trying to get published. English folksinger David Walton narrates his poem, End of the World, and his short story, Go to Sleepy Little Baby from his new collection, Book Haven and Other Curiosities, now available. Fox closes the show with the song Through the Darkness from the talented Jeremy Allingham.


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