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On episode 144, authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas talk with Australian author, Paul Williams about one of the most infamous murderers in history, Jack the Ripper. The story of Red Jack obsesses Paul, and he researched and co-wrote a book detailing all the suspects in this unsolved cold-case: Jack the Ripper Suspects: The Definitive Guide and Encyclopedia. He’s also published several articles in the magazine, Ripperologist, along with stories for Doctor Who: Short Trips and other anthologies. The three discuss the details of the case, its possible political motivations and Jack’s identity. As Phil and Fox learn, these murders were unique because of social tensions created by Irish immigration, Jewish refugees escaping Russian pogroms and the Catholic population still living in the country.

Paul Williams also shares his new story, “Atonement of the Ripper”—narrated by the amazing English folksinger, David Walton. Published here for the first time, the story reflects several political themes from the Jack the Ripper murders, which were thought to be politically motivated. Historians believe that Jack acted like a homicidal vigilante who sought to enforce his code of morality. Atonement tells the story of Aaron, a refugee who escaped the Holocaust in Europe to live with his family and other refugees in London; however, prejudice is universal. Paul’s story is not for the weak of heart! It depicts not only violent acts but also horrible acts of prejudice.

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