106 - THE HAUNTING OF 2019


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Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas are going to haunt the hell out of 2019. It’s their first show of the New Year, and they’re sharing new stories, interviews, fiction, music and witty bitter about all things dark and macabre such as the ghost story, The Baleroy Mansion. Based on research and written by T. Fox Dunham, David Walton narrates another part of this ghost story series. This time, he tells the story of the dead boy that haunts this mansion in the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia. Fox interviews crime-horror author & journalist Andy Rausch, discussing a new anthology that features short stories from the best authors in noir writing today, including work from Fox and Andy. A Time for Violence comes out in winter 2019. Andy also shares his experience as a successful author and offers advice to new writers entering the industry. Phil and Fox discuss new horror books, the science of the afterlife and CLOWN NEWS! And they’re just getting warming up to room temperature for another spooky year. Get your darkness fix with new What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show. Check out our website at www.whatareyouafraidofpodcast.com

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