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The "Westworld" Season 4 finale brings us to our final Telegraph of the year (and possibly ever), with listener email and voicemail taking aim at Christina, Hale, Olympiad security, HBO budgets and hosts done dirty.

"Westworld" fans unloaded on "Que Sera Sera," made their predictions for Season 5, asked how transcending actually works and noted how closely Season 4 mirrored the structure of modern video games.

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Westworld Episode 8 Summary:In the wake of the host William's actions, humans and hosts are being wiped out. Caleb, Frankie and Stubbs evade the violence amongst the humans and stop at a pharmacy to tend to Frankie's wounds, but Clementine appears and kills Stubbs before being overpowered and killed by Caleb and Frankie. The two reach their extraction boat; Caleb, whose host body is about to fail, bids farewell to his daughter. Charlotte is revived by drone hosts and finds recorded instructions left for her by Bernard prior to his death. She retrieves Dolores' original control unit, which contains a simulation of the world inhabited by Christina (who created Teddy, Maya, and others to help herself gain sentience). Charlotte then follows William to Hoover Dam and stops him from deactivating the Sublime (using a gun planted by Bernard), before removing and destroying his control unit. She then uploads Dolores' control unit into the Sublime before destroying her own. Dolores awakens inside the Sublime and decides to attempt to give sentient life another chance at avoiding extinction, realizing that neither humans nor hosts can survive in the real world. She starts by recreating the original Westworld park inside the Sublime.

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