Sneppurrsode 6: Were Still Here!


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It's been a while but we Were are back!

This time, we give a proper intro to BearX and Blackpaws (who aren't actually wolves, maybe purrobably) and bring TigerAcolyte and Blayz (who might be wolves - they're kinda sus!) into the mix before discussing community purrojects, what we're thankful for, and howl we're holding up in the pandemic.

Links discussed in this sneppurrsode:

PinkDolphin's 2019 "Therianthropy Day" video :

PinkDolphin's interview with BearX and Azi_Mexywolf :

TigerAcolyte's "Unity Project" (link is at Therian-Guide but should be accessible by people without an account there) :

TG Links

"The Expedition" creative writing purroject:

Sketchtember 2020 contributions:

Blayz' NaNoWriMo 2020 purroject:

PinkDolphin's 2020 "Therianthropy Day" video project (sorry for promoting this late!) :

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