Sneppurrsode 18 - Whose Haikus? Blue’s Haikus!


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Zef and BlueWolf discuss two pieces of media content suggestions other therians may find enjoyable as BlackPaws picks their brains and TigerAcolyte noms their ears.

Blue regrettably says he doesn't like Haikus. TA doesn't share his cinnamon rolls. Both are sus.

The crew engages in a few slice-of-life discussions, touches topics of self-expression through writing and other avenues, and it's finally TA's turn to get the podcast canceled.

Over the course of the sneppurrsode, various community purrojects are discussed. The deadline for a few purrojects (including the New Jersey 2022 Howl) are in the near future, so we're hoping you'll sniff about at the things that sound interesting to you! Check out the links below!

If you check out either of the books we mention this episode and you'd like to be involved in a deeper discussion on either in a future sneppurrsode, drop a line at!

Remember to reach out if you have suggestions for topics, want to share some feedback, or just kinda feel like it!

- OW

Brilliant White Peaks Book/ Audiobook

Werewolf’s 15 Minutes Audiobook

New Jersey 2022 Howl (21+)

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