Sneppurrsode 12: Therianthropy Through Time... Time... Time...


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The WereAreWe crew is joined by WolfVanZandt for some general nonsense and meowlarky because, let's face it... it's kinda what you guys expect at this point.

The crew catches up on life things for a bit, briefly discuss PinkDolphin's recent interview video on "The Grey Agenda", Stormy and Zef give details for upcoming Howls, then the crew introduces WVZ and talks about the Therian Timeline!

After that, Blayz introduces our "Therianthropy Through Time... Time... Time..." segment and shares thoughts with WVZ and the rest of the crew pertaining to therianthropy as it may have been experienced in the earlier phases of human history.

(Phew, we kinda cover a lot this time!)

Stormy makes us need a lawyer again in the Dear Badgie segment and... tl;dr, we're purrobably canceled again.

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Recurring cast: Blayz, Zef, TigerAcolyte, BlackPaws, Bluewolf, Stormdancer, BearX.

New awoos: WolfVanZandt returns with proper introduction.

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