4 Ways to Create Client Touch Points to Increase Client Retention


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Clients leave all the time.

That’s an inevitability.

But you can still make sure that they stay as long as possible in your business.

Why bother?

Well simply put…

It’s a lot cheaper and easier to focus on loving existing clients…

…than it is to work on attracting new ones.

In this episode of the Foot Traffic Podcast, I discuss four ways you can create client touchpoints and make them stay loyal… and get them raving about you to more of your ideal clients.

The Key Questions

  • Why you should focus on keeping existing clients?
  • How much money are you losing by second-guessing your purchase?
  • What are the four ways to create client touchpoints?
  • How do you conduct consistent check-ins?

What You’ll Learn

  • Clients that stay spend more money with you
  • A better handoff from marketing/sales to fulfillment
  • Understand and study client activities
  • Don’t solely focus on marketing

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