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In an ever-changing market, consistent communication and messaging is essential to building up stakeholder trust. Corporate access is key when it comes to developing relationships between companies and investors, but access strategy can be difficult to navigate without the right experience.

Joining me on this episode of ICR Industry Reports is Meaghan Montegari, Managing Director and Head of Global Investor Access. Meaghan recently joined ICR with over a decade of experience in all facets of corporate access and institutional equity sales. While on the sell side with companies like BofA Merril, Scotia Capital and Wells Fargo, she worked closely with corporates to identify potential shareholders, execute road shows, assist in mergers, spins, and acquisitions, and coordinate major conferences.

In this episode, Meaghan and I discuss today's corporate access landscape, the importance of clear and consistent marketing, and why access to data combined with a human touch is such a difference maker.


  • What are investor access and corporate access? (02:46)
  • Meaghan talks about the implementation of MiFID II and subsequent conflicts of interest (03:47)
  • Meaghan discusses ICR's holistic view of the market (07:11)
  • How has the shift towards in-house corporate access changed the market landscape? (09:05)
  • Meaghan explains why a human touch is necessary when interpreting data (11:40)
  • Why is it critical to consistently meet with or refresh your shareholder base? (13:30)
  • How often should companies meet with investors? (16:45)
  • Meaghan breaks down why ICR's corporate access services are designed to partner with the sell side (19:07)
  • How is Meaghan using ICR's data to create a powerful new targeting platform? (20:29)


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