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This week: the next of our ICR Industry Reports. In this mini-series we profile some of ICR's industry experts, and hear about what they're observing at the frontlines of their fields.

My guest today is Marc Silverberg, Partner and head of ICR's Energy, Sustainability & Modern Mobility investor relations practice. His team specializes in working with companies across the ESM ecosystem, with focus areas including electric vehicles, battery technology, and renewable energy among others. Marc joined ICR in 2015, bringing with him over 17 years of experience in the capital markets industry. Before coming to ICR, Marc served as a Director of Investments at Oppenheimer, and as Vice President of the energy and equity research team at Barclays and Lehman Brothers.

In this episode, I speak with Marc about the biggest challenges he sees facing the companies he works with, how they are thinking about the future, and how sustainability-focused companies can differentiate their ESG stories.


  • How Marc's career path led him to ICR (02:32)
  • Marc describes his work in ICR's Energy, Sustainability & Modern Mobility practice (04:41)
  • What are the biggest challenges facing the companies Marc works with today? (06:57)
  • How Marc works with client to develop milestones and long-term goals (10:59)
  • Marc explains how companies in an industry already focused on sustainability can differentiate their ESG stories (13:38)


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