Overcoming Labels, Navigating Vulnerability, & High/Lows of Fatherhood (ft. Cameron "Cam" Hall)


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This episode features a conversation with my guest, Cameron "Cam" Hall.
Cam is a father of 2 amazing boys ( Dylan & Ethan), and has been married for 9 years to his wife, Lindsay. He works in the Special Education field with children on the Spectrum. This field has a close spot to his heart because his oldest son is on the spectrum as well. When he's not being husband or dad, Cam is working on bettering his self and interests. Cam hosts his own Podcast/Video show, interviewing professional wrestlers, actors/actresses, cosplayers, various musicians and more. In 2022, he resolves to re-inventing himself to be the best person he can be. "Without Struggle, There is no Progress" is one of his most cherished sayings/quotes. You can find out more about Cam's interest by visiting www.completelydamaged.net
In this conversation, Cam and I cover a variety of topics as we journey through some of his most defining moments of fatherhood. Cam wears his heart on his sleeves, and that is evident in the way he talks about his boys and his passion to be a positive role model and advocate for them. This conversation is intimate, bold, and full of insightful perspective and learning.
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