Colin Armstrong: Interrogation


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Colin Armstrong is a stand-up comedian, born and raised in New Jersey. He went to Rutgers University and eats Taylor Ham! He's very funny young man and performing all over New York City these days. See if host Alex Grubard and podcast engineer Kieran Gannon can figure out the last time Colin smoked the marijuana plant. Weeding Out The Stoned is The Game Show of Sobriety Tests. Alex Grubard seeks testimony, plays mind games and administers sobriety tests of the world's funniest comedians to figure out who is sober and who is high by weeding out the stoned! Follow Weeding Out The Stoned on BandsInTown for tickets to all upcoming live shows! PATREON: INSTAGRAM: Follow @colinarmstrongg Follow @alexgrubard Follow @kierangannon Follow @weedingoutthestoned www (dot) (dot) com.

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