Real Bride Callie Meredith: Planning Her Wedding During the Pandemic, and Being a Military Spouse


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Real Bride and Host of Call to Marriage podcast, Callie Meredith, shares her story of being a military spouse planning her wedding during the pandemic, and why having a military clause in their contract saved them. Callie’s story is a great example that things will go wrong on your wedding day, but it’s important to go with the flow because it will still turn out to be beautiful.

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Get to Know Callie:

Callie Meredith is a new army spouse with a passion for helping others. Becoming a new spouse was scary and overwhelming, and she quickly realized that of all the resources out there for spouses, there wasn't much out there for spouses just starting out. So she decided to create her own. The Call to Marriage podcast is designed to be an easily accessible resource where spouses can find both positive and informative information on this roller coaster of a life. Outside of the podcast, Callie is an operations analyst with a love for data. In her free time, she and her husband like to take their two goldendoodles (Goose and Icy - big Top Gun fans) on adventures, host game nights, and make s'mores.

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