195 - Leading a New Team with a Personalized Approach


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If you’re a sales engineering manager, you know that your people are the lifeblood of your company, and you want to help them succeed as much as possible. But how? It's not enough to just give them tools and training. They need support too – someone who can answer questions when they arise or even anticipate what those questions might be before they happen so you can preemptively address them. That's why in this episode, we have Derrek Young with us to talk about how you as an SE manager can provide support for your team members and make sure every one of your SEs has everything they need at their fingertips so that nothing gets in the way of closing deals faster than ever before.

Derrek Young is the Worldwide Director of Sales Engineering at Stack Overflow. In this episode, you will discuss how to get to know your team, the LOLA approach, and most importantly, build a culture of feedback.

Show Notes: https://wethesalesengineers.com/show195

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