Enjoy Prison, N*gga


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Rose helps transition former inmate, Lenny Walker, back into society.

We Stay Looking stars Terri J. Vaughn as Rose Cranberry and Tristen J. Winger as Petey. This episode features Amin Joseph as Lenny Walker, Jackee Harry as Ms. Hattie, Barton Fitzpatrick as Killa D, Nick Viall as Michael Durm, Jernard Burks as Correctional Officer and many more. Written by Chris Sanford with additional writing by Kindsey Young and Phylicia Pearl Mpasi.

Produced by Raedio, Tenderfoot TV, and HBO, with additional production by Swirl Films. We are proud to support The Black and Missing Foundation along with other organizations dedicated to seeking justice for our community. Visit westaylooking.com to learn more about these organizations and how you can help.

We Stay Looking is adapted from HBO's Insecure. Stream all seasons of Insecure now on HBO Max.

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