Ep. 33 - How to Find a Princess by Alyssa Cole


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Hey pals! Today, we’re raving over HOW TO FIND A PRINCESS by Alyssa Cole. Makeda is a hardworking gal/people-pleaser trying to avoid her alleged secret royal past and Bez is chaos embodied who's trying to avenge her grandmother's honor. This book is hilarious and sexy as hell and it takes place on a boat! Who can resist falling in love on a boat? It's an Anastasia retelling for the gays and we're so happy we read it. Throw in the fictional World Federation of Monarchists, a demon cat, and feral grandmothers and this book hits the perfect spot. Enjoy!

Brazen banter: Corset slander resistance (because Alison can't resist)! John Mayer's secret Montana home! Ra-ra-rasputin!

Cat Scale: 8

Revolutionary Resources

The truth about corsets

Anastasia (1997)

Crookshanks the cat

Sea slugs!

Leon the Lobster

Man finds 13 kittens

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