EP 72: Working with Autism & Emotion in Couples Therapy using EFT - Featuring EFT Trainer Scott Woolley, PhD


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There are many reasons why a person may have had to learn to shut down emotion, avoid doing emotion or simply was never taught how to express their emotions outwardly, all of which have nothing to do with Autism. Yet, many therapists mistake a lack of emotional expression right off the bat for Autism, which can cause a therapist to jump to a pathological conclusion without really understanding the whole picture.

And while lack of appropriate emotional expression or flat affect can be a diagnostic criteria for autism, there are also many people in the world who have Autism and can name and identify emotions as well. Regardless of whether or not a person comes for couples counseling or individual psychotherapy with autism, the diagnosis does not have to equal total hopelessness for learning how to do emotions. And in either case, the work a skilled Emotionally Focused Therapist will do in session for any client with trouble feeling and expressing emotion will be the same, whether or not a person does have Autism.

Join We Heart Therapy host & Cert. EFT Supervisor/Therapist Dr. Belle and special guest, EFT Trainer Scott Woolley, PhD, as they discuss Autism, emotions, and how to use Emotionally Focused Therapy to work with both dynamics.

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